About Swisse Company And Its Improvement Homework Answer

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Write 200 words about what you think about the Swisse company and how the Swisse company improve. 

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Swisse is an Australia based private limited company established in 1969, headquartered at Melbourne. It is working as a wholesaler industry in the drug field, which includes all the supplement, vitamins and brands of skincare. International family health and wellness provider H and H group is the parent company of Swisse recognized by sales as a top multivitamin brand in Australia. Swisse is working for the attainment of established aim to provide all the ingredients which are nutrient-rich and taking benefits of the traditional and scientific evidence-based formulation (Schultz, 2019).

Global coverage of Swisse products, availability can be easily accessible in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Hong-Kong, U.S, Netherlands and India. Moreover, Swisse also supplies products related to vegan, skincare, beauty supplements, hemp seed oil, kid's health and many more. Swisse Company is more concerned about product hygiene and restricted sugar use (Chain drug review, 2020).

Swisse Company can improve its goal achievement by focusing upon the business processes and right customer services. In the present scenario, Swisse can work towards becoming an organic products provider globally. Swisse is already focused on sugar-free and vegan products. Thus, the organic tag will work substantially for the company. Secondly, the company can enhance its reach by online availability. After the COVID -19 pandemic, online and contactless delivery is becoming imperative (Bhasin,2018). Apart from it, company service and reports related to finance and sales should be review periodically (Small business development corporation).