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What is Java?

Java is a powerful general-purpose and high-level programming language which is created by Oracle in 1995.

Java is used by more than 3 billion devices so we can say that java is a very popular language. Java can be used to develop many types of applications such as desktop and mobile applications, embedded systems, and big data processing.

The new version of the Java Edition is Java SE 17.0. 2 Several configurations were built to suit different types of platforms because of the evolution of Java and its widespread popularity. For example: J2ME for Mobile Applications and J2EE for Firms Applications.

Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME respectively are the advanced versions of J2. Java programming is guaranteed to be Write Once, Run Anywhere means write just one time and use it anywhere anytime when you need.

You will need the following software to work on Java −

  • An operating system like Linux 7.1 or Windows 10 / 8.x / 7SP1 
  • Java JDK 8
  • Any text editor or Microsoft Notepad for writing your program.

Java is an object-oriented, high-level, platform independent, robust, multitasking, and secure language. Unlike some other languages, java focuses on the use of words and commands instead of just numbers and symbols. Java is very adaptive in nature so it can be used to develop software as well as applets.

It can be used by: 

  • Mobile apps (especially Android applications)
  • Desktop or Laptop apps
  • Entertainment such as in games
  • Internet apps or Web applications
  • Web and application servers
  • Database connection
  • And .. etc

The reason for why the use of Java?

Characteristics of Java-

  • Architecture-neutral (Independent)-Java works on various processors and platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and so on.)
  • Easy and Quick - It is quite an easy to learn and also user friendly
  • Popular Language - It is one of the most world-famous programming languages.
  • Free - It is available on the internet free of cost (open-source).
  • Safe and Secure - It is safe, secure, fast, and powerful
  • Large community support - It has a large community support
  • Object-Oriented - Java is an object-based programming language that produces a definites structure to programs as well as enables code to be used again and again, reducing development costs
  • Platform Independent - As Java is very close to c, c++, and c#, it is easy for developers to switch to Java or vice versa 
  • Portable - Java is a very portable language because of it its platform-independent and architecture-neutral property.
  • Robust - Java is able to eliminate bugs and errors during compile and run time.
  • Multitasking - Java is a multitasking language because it can perform more than one function or task simultaneously at a time.
  • Interpreted
  • High Performance 
  • Distributed - Java has distributed language because it is used for web applications(internet).
  • Dynamic - Java can be used in any environment or in any platform so it is more dynamic and adaptive than c and c++.


Java Syntax: -

Java is a case-sensitive and object-oriented programming language so every line of code must be written inside a class. We can give any name to that class but the first letter of a class name should always start with an uppercase.

If we make a class named Main then-

For example:- "Main" and "main" has a different meaning.

We can make a class private or public according to our needs.

Public class Main{

 Public static void main(string[ ] args){

System.out.println(“This is my first java program”);



We use the curly braces {} marks in the starting and the end of a block of code.

Each program statement must finish with a semicolon(;).

Println() is used to print the text to the screen.

Java Comments:

To make Java code more readable and to prevent execution when testing alternative code, we use comments.

Java OOPs concept:

  1. object
  2. class
  3. inheritance
  4. abstraction
  5. polymorphism
  6. encapsulation

Object: (Instance of class)

An object is any entity that can be manipulated by com0man of programming language, such as value, variable, function, or data structure.


3 properties of objects:

1) Identity - properties of an object that distinguish it from other objects.

2) State - Describe data stored in the object

3) Behaviour - Describe the method in an object's interface by which object can be used.


It is a collection of objects. it is a logical entity.

class is a blueprint that describes behavior/state of object

eg: class cube


public static void main (string arg [])


cube obj = new cube(); // create an object of cube

system out println ("volume is :" + obj.volume());


int l=10, h=10, h=10;

public int volume()

{return(l*b*h)} }


the mechanism through which one particular object gets almost all properties and also behavior as well as the parent object

  • It signifies the relationship also called the parent-child relationship
  • Inheritance is concept of using the classes without spoiling existing code.

Types of inheritance:

1) single

2) multilevel

3) hierarchical

In java, multiple inheritances and also hybrid inheritance can be recognized by way of the interface only not through the class.

Abstract classes: 

A class declared as abstract is called an abstract class.

- Will surely have abstract as well as non-abstract methods with body

- abstract class must be extensive and its method applied. That can't be instantiated (i.e we can not create the object of abstract class)

eg : abstract class A {}


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