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What is Power BI ?

The full form of Power BI is power business intelligence which provides cloud-based services also called "Power BI Services" simultaneously a desktop dependent interface, known as "Power BI Desktop". It provides data collection abilities together with data arrangement, data recognition and interactive control panel.


Enterprise business intelligence :

In brief it is used to connect and imagine any data using the integrated, extensible system with regard to self-service as well as enterprise business intelligence (BI). That's simple to use as well as assists you get heavy data understanding.

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that offers tools for collection & association, investigating, imagine and sharing data for nontechnical business users. Microsoft Power BI is used to run reports (records) and surface perception depends on an organization’s data. Power BI can associate(join) to a broad range of data sets, and arrange them in neatly and orderly in appearance. The info is federal so that it can be better understood and dissolve . Then the records or reports and visuals created from this data can be distributed with other users.

The application Power BI Desktop is downloaded for Windows 10 and for Windows, Android and iOS devices native mobile apps are downloaded.


Unique about Power BI :

Power BI is very changeable as it provides a lot of attractive visualization options. It provides modification and measurement options. It allows users to make their own decisions and improve business productivity. So, it will be correct to say that power BI permit self-service data analytics and perception.


Power BI tool :

Power BI is usually a cost-free, self-service data evaluation as well as statement writing tool for Business Intelligence and Data perception. It changing data from different data sources into connected control panel and investigate reports. It provides cloud-based services for associated measurement with a simple associate for end users to make their own records(reports) and dashboards.


Power BI Use for:

Power BI is a group of software services, applications, and also connectors in which run closely to turn your unconnected sources of data into logical information, provide visual effects, and interactive understanding. Your data might be a number of cloud-based, an Excel spreadsheet, as well as on-establishes compound data storehouse.

You can install Power BI on a Windows computer. It can attach more than 70 computers and cloud data sources to make information into interactive visuals. 


Elements of Power BI :

There are three elements of power BI —Power BI Desktop, the service, as well as the mobile applications. These are planned to produce, share, and absorb business observation in the method that provide you and your role most efficiently.


Examples of Power BI tools :

Main Power BI Dashboard Examples are as follows.

  • User Distribution Dashboard.
  • Finance Dashboard.
  • Ad Display Campaign Dashboard.
  • Sales Catalogue Dashboard.
  • Sales Analysis Dashboard.
  • Product Sales Dashboard.
  • Email Commitment Analytics Dashboard.
  • Marketing Campaign Insights Dashboard.


Power BI Uses :

These are written below.

  • Attach(join) to information.
  • Modify and remove bugs from that data, to make a data sample.
  • Make optical models that provides visual representations of the data such as charts or graphs,.
  • Generate one or more pages of reports efficiently.


Power BI features :

These are written below.

  • Broad area of enchanting Visualizations. 
  • Questionnaire in Natural Language.
  • Datasets Filtration.
  • Obtain Data (Data Source) 
  • Navigation Panel. 
  • Customizable Pannels.
  • Flexible Block. 
  • Descriptive Reports. 


Major benefits of Microsoft Power BI :

These are as follows.

  • Merge flawless with existing applications
  • Great personalized panels
  • Issue reports securely: 
  • No memory and speed limitation


Disadvantages of Power BI :

These are as follows.

  • Difficult to Understand and Master.
  • Handling Big Data Volumes. 
  • Table Relationships- Power BI is good for controlling simple relationships between tables in a data model. 
  • Sometimes configuration of Visuals is complex task . 
  • Too much User Interface(crowded)- It increases overload on the system.
  • Hard (inflexible and strict) Formulas. 


Power BI:

- Powder BI desktop: A windows desktop application for data analysis and reports creation

- Powder BI service: Online software as a service, used to collaborate and distribute powder BI reports

- Power BI mobile: A native mobile app

- Power BI report builder: A tool Something with regard to creating paginated reviews

- Power BI report server: An on-premises statement server (available BI premium licensing)

- Power BI embedded: A service to embed visuals, reports and dashboards into an application


Difference between power bi desktop and tableau desktop:

Power BI Desktop:Tableau Desktop:
- Download as well as set up:   designed for windows only. 
download and installation are easy and quick. a cloud version is available for use by windows and Mac users some functionality restrictions.
- User interface: the user interface will appear acquainted in order to users who're currently acquainted with Microsoft products. it can easily make use of as well as functions tend to be laid out in an user-friendly way.
- Data manipulation: power BI's effective data modelling functions permit users in order to add customized data fields as well as alter the actual default properties of every data field within the data modeling tab in the tool.
- Download as well as set up: for both equally windows and Macintosh OS with the same functionality.
download and installation are easy and quick.
- User interface: the user interface is intuitive and also an easy task to understand. the particular signifies menu next to the data pane is the key to master
- Data manipulation: tableau permits   users to generate computed fields and also change default attributes of each and every data field.


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