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What is Smalltalk?

Smalltalk is an object-oriented, dynamic, and general-purpose programming language, so it is absolutely used in a lot of many discrete complication areas, vary from enclosed or installed applications in mini devices to the internet applications, the work station, mobile, machine learning, PC, logical language processing, commercial applications, construction companies, defence application, etc.

Smalltalk is a dynamic, interactive and introspective type programming language. Smalltalk was generated as the language supporting and advance the current world of computing illustrated by the collaboration of human computer. .

Smalltalk is may be the perfect and good instance of object oriented programming. It is a pure object oriented programming refer that, unlike Java and C++, there is no variance in the middle of values which are primitive types and these all values are refer to as objects. In Smalltalk everything is an object, which is basically an separate block of code that controls a particular segment of data. Other objects work upon that data passing by messages to its object, and then executing the feedback.


Uses of Smalltalk :

Smalltalk is excellently simple and easy to learn and understand. It prevents extra programming load on the programmer by reducing the code. Any other big language can not make this claim. Smalltalk is purely an object-oriented programming language.

Smalltalk was the earliest pictorial language tool to reinforce live programming and progressive and latest correcting approaches or methods such as on the spot observation and modifies the code in a very user friendly format in the same time of execution .

A Smalltalk object can perform absolutely three jobs:

  • Carry state or condition with associations to other objects.
  • Accept a message from itself or another object.
  • Send messages to itself or other object in the way of processing a message, .


Smalltalk features :

Smalltalk has many dominant features, some key features of Smalltalk are listed as follows.

  • Supports Graphical Uses Interface (GUI) - It provides image oriented resolution. So it is easy and simple to learn.
  • Everything is based on Objects: In smalltalk everything is an object, and objects interface only by exchanging messages means objects can communicate through only passing (sending and receiving) messages.  
  • Smalltalk supports "Live" programming.
  • It provides latest debugging methods such as on-the-fly code changes.
  • Smalltalk is the earliest and first pure or fully object oriented language.
  •  Not support use of primitives or no int s, boolean s etc.


Benefits of using a Small Talk:

Benefits of Smalltalk are listed as follows.

  • It helps to make a life long final good response : In a very short time Smalltalks give a lots of information to the people. 
  • It can provide you new ideas for your business.
  • It helps you to pay your attention.
  • It can assist to make life long relationships
  • For your career or future smalltalk can be beneficiary 
  • Smalltalks can make you stay joyful


Drawbacks of Smalltalk:

Drawbacks of Smalltalk are listed as follows.

  • Slow speed : As we know Smalltalk is a dynamic language that runs on a virtual machine in which generally JIT assembles bytecode into local code. So, Smalltalk cannot run or operate as fast as C++. So we can say that the speed of Smalltalk is too slow.s
  • Smalltalk is not much familiar than others like C++ and java. It is also uncertain relatively others.
  • It is very difficult to scale Smalltalk.
  • Syntax of Smalltalk is too unrealistic so these are difficult to understand for beginners.
  • In compare to Python, Smalltalk has minimum user community. 
  • It has restricted or narrow size of ecosystem while Python’s is widely high.
  • It is a dynamic type language. Programmers who suppose static typing is a superior method to code will consider it as a drawback or weakness.
  • Smalltalk programming knowledge don’t give you job or earning. There are very rare or minimum job opening for Smalltalk, so people like to learn Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript. Smalltalk does not provide you job security.

Example Of smalltalk Program:

|s f c|

Transcript show : 'Enter a line:'.

s := stdin newLine.

f := Bag new.

s do: [ :ch | ch isLetter

ifTrue: [f add: ch asLowercase]


1 to : 26 do: [:i|

c := (i+96) asCharacter.

Transcript show: ((f occurrencesOf :c) printString,'')



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