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What is STAAD?

STAAD also refers to STAAD Pro. The full form of STAAD Pro is Structural Analysis and Designing Program. It is a structural analysis and design software program mainly started by Research Engineers International in 1997.

STAAD.PRO is also refers to a 3D Structural Analysis and Design Software. You have to select a comprehensive finite element analysis and design application. STAAD Pro software is broadly utilized in analyzing and designing structures such as buildings, bridges, etc.

AutoCAD or any other CAD software is basically a drafting tool. It’s used for creating drawings and not much more than that. StaadPro is an analysis tool used to evaluate strains and burdens.


Importance and need of STAAD pro in civil engineering: -

STAAD Pro assists structural engineers to do their works automatically by eliminating the laborious and big operations of the manual methods. It permits civil engineers to analyze and design different kinds of structures on effective platforms.

Staad pro is an organizational investigation and plotting software utilized to inspect and design RCC and steel structures according to the corresponding country code. Civil and structural engineers consider it as one of the most useful software. 


Use of STAAD pro:

STAAD. Pro is a systematic inspecting and construction software that is broadly utilized to inspect and create structures for buildings, bridges, roads, towers, transportation, firms, and efficacy structures.


The method is used in STAAD pro:

In STAAD.Pro, this attribute is applied as a non-linear continual analysis as the constraint of the members is dependent upon the impact created by the load. The analysis will repeat, in each step converting the member features until the large swap in any Tau-b is minimum than the tau_tolerance.


Different types of load in STAAD:

Member load that can be defined on a STAAD.Pro models are as follows.

  • UNI, uniform force.
  • TRAP, trapezoidal.
  • CON, concentrated moment.
  • UMOM, uniform moment.
  • LIN, linearly varying.
  • CMOM concentrated moment.


Main features of   STAAD.Pro model:

The main features of STAAD.Pro model is listed as follows:

  • It provides analytical modeling and physical modeling as well.
  • STAAD works like a building planner. 
  • It works like a Steel AutoDrafter. 
  • It provides advanced and latest Slab Design.
  • STAAD offers advanced or latest concrete design. 
  • It also provides an earthquake mode.


Main advantages of STAAD Pro:

STAAD has the following main advantages.

  • STAAD Pro assists the engineers in enhancing the structure, section, and dimensions.
  • STAAD Pro gives the faster method of designing the structure. 
  • STAAD Pro does not require any manual calculation so it saves time and expands efficiency. 
  • STAAD Pro is applicable for almost all kinds of material for designing i. e. Concrete, Steel, Aluminium, etc. 
  • STAAD Pro presents reliability in results in the measurement of Shear Force and Bending moment diagram.


Drawbacks of STAAD Pro Software:

Disadvantages of STAAD are listed as follows: 

  • It provides inefficient results for various story structures.
  • There is a lack of modeling. 
  • Analysis of complicated structures can be annoying. 
  • The correct or real description of reports is not available.
  • It does not work for brick masonry.


Which is better analysis software: STAAD Pro or ETABS?

From an Analysis point of view, both software gives you exact results. (means BM SF Torque Reaction). But if you will compare with the design part (means in terms of % of steel) ETABS is the more economical result than STAAD, that is the reason nowadays every high-rise building is designed by ETABS by most of the structural consultancies.

For ETABS it's reliable for reinforced concrete design as it provides inbuilt options for optimization, seismic analysis parameter calculations like p∆ analysis, non-linear direct integration analysis, time histories, push over-analysis.

Which software is better, STAAD or ETABS?

Depends on a couple of factors:

Type of design: RCC or Steel. For RCC, design it in ETABS. For steel structures, Staad pro gives better results.

Company: depending upon companies most of them prefer ETABS because it's updated with new features every year. Not the same case with Staad Pro.

Robustness: ETABS is quite Powerful and had very good design features. Burj Dubai- the present tallest structure in the world has also been designed using ETABS. I do not know much about the robustness of Staad.

Features: In ETABS, you can do a lot of types of analysis such as Construction sequence, P Delta, second-order analysis, etc.

Interface: GUI of ETABS is more friendly and easy to use compared to Staad.


Which one is better, SAP2000 or STAAD.Pro?

SAP2000. It is general-purpose (not like ETABS which is specifically targeted at building structures) and in my opinion, has better features and user interface than STAAD Pro. It would be my preferred software for earthquake analysis, nonlinear pushover analysis, and nonlinear dynamics analysis.

SAP2000 is good for the Analysis of structures like those of bridges, flyovers, etc. Modeling of 3D structures is very cool compared to that of For example, you want to analyze a flyover. The road level of a flyover generally varies along the length with center span being highest and the ends touching the ground. Also, some flyovers are situated on curves, especially in cities. Those kinds of structures can be easily and accurately modeled on SAP2000 incorporating all the variations on all the axes.


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