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What is CATIA ? Explain it.   

The full form of CATIA is Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. CATIA software is a pure multi platform solution for computer-aided design, engineering, construction, 3D, information management system that integrates data, processes, business systems and Product life cycle management (PLM). CATIA is better than a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software package. It is available in many versions but currently CATIA V5 is the most popular and widely used release in industry. The latest release or version of CATIA is P3 V5 6R-2020, it runs on Windows, Unix (server).

CATIA is the world's best popular engineering and design leading software from Dassault Systemes. It is a design tool used for 3D product modeling and design across multiple industries excellency. In simple words CATIA is used to design, imitate, inspect, and produce products in a lot of or in many corporations along with automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and machinery industrial etc. These are just few names.

Uses of CATIA : 

It is a cross platform or multi platform oriented software developed by the French company Dassault and used for computer-aided design (CAD), 3D modeling, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided engineering (CAE), information management system that integrates data, processes, business systems, and Product life cycle management (PLM).

It is widely used for its methodical system, sketching or drawing and rendering technology, development of multi platform , market adherence, engineering perception, and dynamic association. It is broadly used by a range of companies.


Where can we use CATIA?

It can be utilized at different phases of the design examine, draw, evaluation (trial) and repeat. It can also be used for computer numerical control (CNC).

The software consists of different trestle or modules that permit CATIA to be utilized across different organizations from parts design, surface design and aggregate to sheet metal design. 

Various large automotive industries use CATIA to assorted degrees. These are : Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, BMW, Tesla Motors, Porsche, Daimler Chrysler, Volkswagen, Toyota, Bentley Motors Limited, Volvo, Renault, Ford, Scania, Proton, Hyundai, Škoda Auto, Tata motors and Audi.


Tools used in CATIA :

CATIA tools are as follows :

  • Select Toolbar.
  • Insert Toolbar.
  • Points Sub-toolbar.
  • Select Sub-toolbar.
  • Scan Sub-toolbar.
  • Wireframe Toolbar.
  • Insert Sub-Toolbars.
  • Law Toolbar.


CATIA features :

Some main features of CATIA are listed as follows :

  • It supports social design environment.
  • It offers instinctive or automatic 3D experience.
  • It gives cross-discipline development and cross platform environment.
  • It offers product modeling and systems engineering.
  • It provides resistant relational design.
  • It provides global collaboration.
  • It expresses manufacturing process design efficiently.


The advantages of CATIA :

Some main advantages of CATIA are listed as follows :

CATIA is used for composites design and manufacturing. It help you to increase and enhance the manufacturing of aerospace parts involve;

  • Automatic updates : CATIA provides automatic updates so it saves money and time by avoiding restarting the design process.
  • It has the ability to control or manage multi part geometries better than standard composite design solutions.
  • It has great surface modeling capabilities : CATIA provides surface modeling module which is highly developed and successful.
  • CATIA offers 2D drafting module which perform the job effectively 
  •  AutoCAD is not necessary : AutoCAD is no more needed.


The disadvantages of CATIA :

Some disadvantages of CATIA are listed as follows :

  • Not user friendly interface : It is not user friendly interface. It surely grabs a long time to get used to.  It is a slightly improved with v6.
  • Extremely expensive / costly : Another big drawback of CATIA is that it is very costly. It is very complex to buy a license for private use at home.
  • It has difficult mouse operations .


What is the difference between ANSYS CAD and CATIA?


  • ANSYS is an analysis software. We create keypoints, then nodes and finally create a structure. Apply loads and boundary conditions to it, we can analyse the stress, strain etc. In mechanical Ansys has APDL and a WORKBENCH.
  • Ansys is used for FEA and CFD applications it is being used by almost all the domains.


  • CAD usually comes for 2D drawing, but also used for 3D. AUTOCAD 2017 is commonly used.
  • Auto Cad mostly used for 2d applications but we do have capabilities to do 3d as well in that application mostly this will be used in Manufacturing plants. All most all the domains like mechanical, Automotive, aerospace, Civil and Electrical will use this tool for their various applications.
  • CAD - 2D & BASIC 3D MODELLING(Using Boolean operations)


  • CATIA is completely used just for 3d modelling. A little ergonomic analysis can also be done in this. CATIA V6 is preferred.
  • Catia is Interactieve application used for 3d applications in the industry it is mostly used in Surface design and sheet mental applications Mostly aerospace and automotive domains uses this application.
  • CATIA - ADVANCED 3D MODELLING(using feature based modelling)


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