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Excel is a spreadsheet application created and distributed by Microsoft. It is essential for the Microsoft Office set-up of efficient programming. In contrast to a word processor, for example, Microsoft Word, Excel puts together information in segments and lines. Lines and sections meet at a space called a phone. Every cell can contain a solitary of information, like content, a mathematical worth, or an equation.

Excel was initially code-named Odyssey during improvement. It was first launched on September 30, 1985. Excel is a tool for getting sorted out and performing estimations on the information. It can break down information, ascertain measurements, create rotate tables, and address information as an outline or diagram. For instance, you could make an Excel spreadsheet page that ascertains a month-to-month spending plan, tracks related costs, and intelligently sorts the information by rules.


Microsoft excel is basically software that is a part of the Microsoft Office Package. It enables us to maintain records in a systematic manner. Some of the biggest advantages of MS Excel are as follows:

1. Easy to use Interface:

MS Excel includes a user-friendly interface that allows the user to make use of the actual software very easily without struggling too much to keep any kind of information.

2. Graphical Representation:

MS Excel allows the user in order to graphically signify the actual data entered. This particular function associated with excel assists all of us a great deal whenever we deal with large data. In the case of big data (Increasing in order to 1000 rows) graphical visualization usually assists all of us to analyze the data clearly.

3. Highly helpful in analyzing sales and purchases:

Excel helps companies analyze their sales and purchases and accordingly helps them analyze their buying/selling decisions.

4. Financial Modelling:

One of the most important advantages of Excel is that it helps in financial modeling. It helps us maintain financial records of the company in a systematic and graphical manner. Various examples of these financial records include EBITDA, WACC, Net sales, Net profits, etc.

5. Availability of an extensive range of formulas:

Excel includes a large selection of formulations that assists all of us to determine the actual sum, product, difference, and so on associated with any kind of numbers. The main benefit here's once the data set is large, excel can certainly determine the necessary mathematical operation as well as provide the end result accurately.

6. Future growth of any business:

Excel is a very helpful tool to analyze various kinds of data. Talking practically, Excel can be used by various businesses to analyze their sales growth and can also set targets for future sales growth. Thus in this way, the businesses can work towards achieving a specific growth rate if business by analyzing the previous growth of the business.

Advantages of MS Excel:

There are lots of advantages to using Microsoft Excel sheets, which make your work even easier.

MS Excel can be used is extremely broadly these days through everybody simply because it's very helpful also it helps in saving a considerable time. It's getting used with regard to a lot of many years and it is upgraded each year along with new functions.

The most amazing point regarding MS excel is actually that it may be utilized anywhere for any kind of function. For instance - It is used for billing, data management, analysis, Business task, Finance complicated calculations, and so on.

It's possible today even to do the mathematical calculation by using this and can also store essential data inside it as a chart or even Spreadsheet.


What is a sheet in Microsoft Excel?

In excel, a sheet or a worksheet is a 2-dimensional array of cells that is used to store, edit, analyze and display data. each cell of this array will have a unique address and can hold 3 kinds of data- text, number, or a formula.

each excel 2016 worksheet contains 17,179,869,184 cells.

When creating a workbook you get three sheets by default “Sheet1” “Sheet2” “Sheet3” it can be increased as per the requirement. We do all the work on sheets to analyze the data or keep records of it.


How do I rename a sheet in Excel?

  1. Right-Click on the Sheet name at the bottom.
  2. Select “Rename Sheet…” in the context menu.
  3. Enter a new name and click OK.


What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is the oldest spreadsheet application that is used in almost all companies. Here are a few usages of Excel:

  1. MS Excel is used popularly for calculations.
  2. Budget plans, forecasts, expense tracking can be done using Excel.
  3. You can visualize your data and gain insights with Excel by creating different charts and graphs with Excel.
  4. Excel allows keeping employees and business owners organized and on top of their inventory.
  5. You can create checklists and goal planning.
  6. It is widely used in project management.


What are some optimization techniques to use in Excel?

  1. Vlookup is very slow. Index is faster
  2. Always turn off screen updating
  3. Never use array formula in excel if you want speed, it's faster to concatenate and match on that
  4. Database formula also suck for speed
  5. VB script has an excel actions library and VB libraries. VB libraries are much faster
  6. Don't use cursor movements as a way to navigate in your VB scripts
  7. Split calculations into multiple pages. What used to do is split every few states of calculation in a hidden page and then write a VB script to sequence the manual calculation of pages
  8. Along the same line, the auto calculation is idiotic, it does not respect formula dependencies and sometimes if you have calculations that depend on other calculations that were not updated first, you get major errors. Following (6) resolves this
  9. If you have random number generators, place them all on one page and refer to them. This ensures you don't recalculate halfway
  10. Xlsb. Faster and smaller than xls, holds macros


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