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What is C++ programming language ? 

C++ is a significant, general-purpose and middle-level programming languagelaunched by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is an object oriented programming language that can be used to develop high-performance applications such as browsers, operating systems, high definition games, and so on. 

It is a platform independent programming language and acts as an extension of the C language. C++ provides programmers a high level of command over system resources and memory.

C++ makes it feasible to write C++ code in a ‘C style’. In few circumstances, coding can be done in such a format that make C++ an example of a intermingled language.

C++ is not an easy language to select for beginners, but you are in a right way, if you are in fix and right mindset and tools at your conveyance, C++  learning can be fun and enhancing for any developer.


The important four pillars of C++ are: -    

1. Abstraction  2. Encapsulation    3. Inheritance   4. Polymorphism.

1. Abstraction : Abstraction means hiding data. It is used to display only important data without displaying the whole background data means it hide the other unnecessary data.

2. Encapsulation : It is used to wrap up or bind data and methods in a single unit. It is a facility of wrapping up data. So encapsulation is a mechanism of saving memory.

3. Inheritance : Inheritance is used to pass (inherited) the properties of one class to other or lower classes. 

4. Polymorphism : Polymorphism refers one name and many (multiple) forms. 


C++ language features :

Some of the key features of C++ language are listed as follows: -

  • C++ is a well known and very famous and widely used programming language.
  • It Provides DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation)
  • It is Compiler-Based and Case sensitive.
  • C++ is simple, easy to learn and enjoyable. 
  • It is highly portable or machine/platform independent so can be used to create applications that can be applied to various platforms.
  • It is a high-level programming language and can be work as a hybrid language of C and C++.
  • It has good readability and be human understandable.
  • C++ can be work in today's operating systems and embedded systems.
  • It provides Graphical User Interfaces(GUI).
  • C++ is an object-oriented programming language which provides a transparent structure to programs and permits code to be reused with minimum development price unlike C which is a procedural language.
  • Abstraction is a such feature for a programming language that provides the ability to describe the difficult structure and then its degree of usability comes.
  • C++ is the most structured and robust programming language because of its high-degree of services and functionalities.



C++ benefits: -

Some main benefits of C++ are as follows: -

  • Provides high portability- C++ offers this portability feature allowing us to develop programs without concerning about the hardware.
  • It is a mid-level programming language. 
  • It is an Object-Oriented language so programming is totally based on creation of objects and classes. 
  • It is a multi-pattern programming language.
  • It supports Memory Management. 
  • It is fast and powerful. 
  • It is similar to other languages. 
  • It provides Standard Library.


C++ disadvantages :

Some main benefits of C++ are as follows: -

  • C++ is examined deficient for two main reasons: 1. it's a very large and difficult language. 2. it has many inner deviation or irregularities and confines that make programming a little bit unreliable.
  • Built-in code threads are not supported by C++.
  • Object-orientated programming language consists of many security problems which means that C++ programs aren't as safe and secure as others.
  • C++ pointers take up a lot of memory which is not always appropriate for some devices.


Differences and similarity between C++ , C and Java language: -

C++ LanguageC LanguageJava
- It's object oriented programming language
- It's compiler based language
- Single, multilevel as well as multiple inheritance support.
It's platform dependent
- It does not support multithreading and interface
- Not support database connectivity
- It support pointers
- C++ originated through Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 along with C++'s predecessor  "c with classes".
- C++ is a superset of C. C++ may run the majority of C language code even though C cannot run C++ language code.
- While c++ is using bottom up approach
- While C++ provides significance in order to data rather than functions

- It is procedural language
- It’s structure or procedure C oriented programming language
- It’s compiler based language
- It does not support inheritance
- It is platform dependent            
- It does not support multithreading and interface
- Not support database connectivity
- It support pointers
- C originated through Dennis Ritchie between 1969 as well as 1973.
Comparison with C++, c is a subset of c++
-  Program design is too to down approach
- It is provide importance to functions instead of data

- Java is pure object oriented programming language
- Java is compiler as well as interpreter base
- Single, multiple as well as hierarchical inheritance   support however multiple inheritance does not   support
- Java is platform independent
- It support multithreading and interface
- It support database connectivity
- It does not support pointer.


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