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What do you mean by networkingExplain it with examples.

Networking is also referred to as computer networking, is the procedure of transfer and transaction of data between systems over a shared medium.

Networking means the interchange of data and thoughts among people with a usual profession or specific interest, commonly in a natural social setting.

Interchange contact information with people who have curiosity in the same areas is an example of networking. Another example of networking is transferring and obtaining information between different sections of the same company to distribute information and resolve business-related issues and problems.

In simple words, we can say that in networking two or more computers are connected through a cable to share information. This information may be text, audio, video, graphics, and even files.


Examples of networking:

  • The World Wide Web- It is popularly known as www.
  • The Internet.
  • Language networks.
  • Powerline and airline networks. 
  • Economic networks.
  • Citation networks. 
  • Metabolic and protein networks.
  • Food webs. 


Types of networking:

When two or more computing devices are interconnected to communicate data and use available resources mutually, it is called a computer network. Each device connected in the network is called a node.

According to distance covered, a computer network is mainly divided into four types. These are:

1) On the basis of geographic area :

  • LAN (Local Area Network): LAN is used within a room or in one building. Wi-Fi is an example of LAN.
  • PAN (Personal Area Network): PAN is for personal use only. Computers, smartphones, tablets are its example.
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): MAN is used within a city, which means it covers a city. Cable is an example of MAN.
  • WAN (Wide Area Network): WAN is used all over the world. Internet is an example of WAN.

2) On the basis of data connection: Uni casting, Multicasting, Broadcasting

3) On the basis of accessibility: Intranet, extranet, internet

4) On the basis of data transmission rate: Narrowband, voiceband, broadband

5) On the basis of network architecture: Peer to peer, client-server, multi-tier


The main motive of networking:

Sharing is the main motive of computer networking. It permits us to interchange mainly three things these are: information, resources, and applications.

A computer network includes two or more computers that are connected. Computers are connected either by cables (wired) or WiFi (wireless) with the aim of transferring, interchanging, or sharing information and resources.


Key to networking:

The main key to networking is trust.

Effective networking is about creating relationships with others who can mention you once they've come to trust you, have faith in you and observe faithful and reliable to you.  Actually, this is the success key for networking.


Types of Network Security Protections: -

  • Firewall - Firewalls manage incoming and outgoing traffic on networks, with predefined security rules.
  • Hyperscale Network Security.
  • Email Security. 
  • Sandboxing
  • Network Segmentation.
  • Remote Access VPN. 
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). 


Features of networking:

It provides many features. Some main features of networking are listed below.

  • Speed: Networking offers high communication speed.
  • File sharing: It offers a file sharing facility.
  • In networking back up and roll back is easy and simple.
  • It is also used in software and hardware sharing.
  • Security: It provides many high-security options.
  • Scalability and reliability: It provides better scalability and high reliability.


Benefits of networking:

Below are listed some of the biggest benefits of networking.

  • It provides strong business connections. Networking is about sharing, not taking. 
  • We can get new and fresh ideas from it. 
  • You can upgrade your profile. 
  • You can boost your career. 
  • It helps to find and get job opportunities. 
  • It provides more knowledge and information. 
  • You can get your career advice and support. 
  • It can help to build confidence.
  • Very high-speed device. The computer can work very fast.
  • Ability to perform the task automatically.
  • A computer is a very versatile machine.


Disadvantages of Computer Networking:

Some Networking disadvantages are listed as follows:

  • There is a lack of independence in networking.
  • Lack of maintenance - It is hard to maintain.
  • There are too many computer viruses and malware attacks.
  • It creates security problems.
  • There is a lack of robustness in networking. 
  • Health Issues: It produces many health issues because we have to work for long hours on the computer. There can be back problems due to wrong posture and eye problems.
  • Its light policing may create negative acts. 
  • It needs an efficient handler.
  • It needs a costly setup.


Network administrator and System administrator: -

The person who manages the organization's computer system is called the system administrator and the person who manages the organization's networks is called the network administrator.

It is the responsibility of network and computer systems administrators for the day-to-day working of these networks. They arrange, establish, and assist an organization's computer systems. These networks may be local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), Metropolitan Area Networks(MANs), intranets, internet, and other data communication systems.

The basic dissimilarity between these two responsibilities is that a Network Administrator supervises the network, while a System Administrator is in the role of the computer systems – all the components that build a computer work.

Network administrators ensure that the organization’s computer networks are secure, protected, and working properly. A network administrator is an IT professional who confirms that the computer networks of an organization (collection of computers that share data with one another) are functioning to acquire the requirements of the organization.


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