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What is AJAX?

AJAX means for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. It is not a programming language itself but it is used as a combination of JavaScript and XML and HTML. In short, it is the use of the XMLHttpRequest object to interact with servers. It can transmit and accept data in many forms, along with XML, JSON, HTML, and text files.

It is a new technology or mechanism for building improved, faster and interactive Web Applications. These web applications are created with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML.

An end user can carry on the use of web application while the client program requests information access from the server in the background.

A browser built-in XMLHttpRequest object is used to request information from a web server while JavaScript and HTML DOM are used to display or use the information.

As the name implies AJAX works asynchronously. It granted web pages to be updated asynchronously by transferring information with a web server behind the backgrounds. This denotes that without reloading the whole page, we can update any part of a web page There is no need to reload whole page.

Now there is a question about Ajax that it is a front-development or back-end development? 

Ajax is a front-end development or technique that is used to communicate with the database server (back-end). All AJAX program is written in JavaScript, and the interrelated handler program goes in your back-end execution, this code or program could be in any language.

Ajax is moderately being changed to work with JavaScript frameworks and the official Fetch API Standard, to create interactive websites and latest web standards.

You need to do four things to, use AJAX in JavaScript: 

  1. A client event exists.
  2. create a XMLHttpRequest object and configured it. Write the callback function.  
  3. It makes an asynchronous request to the Webserver.
  4. The Webserver returns the result involving XML document


AJAX framework: -

An Ajax framework is a multi browser support framework or technology that offers developers to create excellent internet applications with the use of Ajax.


AJAX components or Technologies: -

AJAX is mainly depends on Internet Standards. Main components of AJAX are as follows:

  • XMLHttpRequest object (to transfer data asynchronously with a server)
  • JavaScript/DOM (to display/communicate with the data)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - It provides different styles to the data.
  • XML (extensible markup language) - It is used to give formatting to the transferring data.


AJAX Features: -

The main attribute of AJAX is to create web-pages faster, AJAX permits to load only important section of web-page without reloading the whole website or web-page.

  • It Support for Live data binding
  • It Supports Data View control.
  • It make web page faster and improve the performance of web page.
  • Highly User Friendly - Rich and responsive user interfaces
  • Minimize utilization of server resources
  • It is Open-source.
  • Provides Client-side template rendering
  • AJAX is enhanced the speed and performance.
  • Involves JavaScript objects and arrays.
  • It involves the use of ADO.NET data services and data contexts.
  • Free from server technology.


Advantages of AJAX: -

The first and main advantage of Ajax is its capacity to enhance or upgrade the performance and accessibility of web applications by providing easy user interfaces.

  • Decrease(minimize) server traffic. 
  • High speed. 
  • It supports form validation.
  • Valid XMLHttpRequest
  • Capable to handle asynchronous calls. 
  • Minimum use of bandwidth.


Disadvantages of Ajax: -

  • Search Engines inability: - Ajax pages can not be listed by Google as well as other search engines because search engines are not capable to index an AJAX application.
  • Security issues: - The usage of Ajax can produce problems for your web pages to rectify as well as make them liable to possible security problems in the future.
  • No better coordination with any browser. 
  • If any one of request is fail then it can failure to reload the whole page


Difference between AJAX model and Normal Technique:

AJAX Model:Normal Technique:
- The browser creates a javacript call to activate XMLHttpRequest
- In the background the browser sends an HTTP request to the server
- The server receives, retrieves and delivers data back to the browser
- Consequently the browser receives data from the server and immediately displays it on the frontend without reloading the whole page.
- HTTP is send from the browser to the server
- The server receives and then retrieves the information
- Next, the server sends the requested data back to the browser
- Finally, the browser gets the data and reloads the page to display the data


Difference between AJAX and JQuery:

- Complexity: a powerful tool
- Page reload: no
- Function: a combination of   serval other technologies such as CSS, JS, HTML and DOM providing a lot of   new functions
- Accessibility: ajax should   be resolved in the proper procedural manner to receive data from the server
- Server overload: this   occurs regulary due to the rise in the number of connections each time ajax   calls happen.
- Complexity: a lightweight library primarily aims at the interaction of   html elements
- Page reload: yes
- Function: unable to provide new functions by combining other   technologies
- Accessibility: accessible through the frontend
- Server overload: rarely


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