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What is Ruby? 

Ruby is a fully object-oriented programming language. In Ruby, everything including primitive data types is an object, means all things are based on objects.

Ruby is a strong and open source programming language which is desidned to focus on programming simplicity and performance. It consists of graceful syntax that is easy,natural and logical to read. It was started by Yukihiro Matsumoto of Japan in 1993. In the Ruby community Matsumoto is also refers to as Matz. Ruby consists of many such characteristics which are similar and based on many other languages like Perl, Eiffel, Smalltalk, Lisp, and Python so Ruby is refers as the best friend of programmers. 

Ruby programming language is an explained, high-level and general purpose programming language which assists various programming patterns or paradigms. 

It is an extremely compact and lightweight language that uses for numerous purposes. Ruby is very efficient for creating static websites (web applications), desktop applications, data processing services, and even automation tools. It is also utilized for web servers, DevOps, and web growling and trailing.

Ruby also refers to as an interpreted scripting language because its almost all applications perform instructions directly and freely, besides earlier compiling a program into machine language information.

Ruby is very friendly for beginners and it is also invented to impose good programming patterns and make you mainly a master in programming (coder). The Ruby framework allows you to perform the task efficiently without writing a large code from scratch by assuming what you need to do. The advantage of Ruby covers: Simplicity.


Uses of Ruby :

Ruby is most widely used for developing web applications. As we have already studied that it is a general purpose language like Smalltalk and Python, so it includes several other applications such as data analysis, prototyping, and concepts validations. Perhaps the most common use of Ruby is in Rails web, Ruby is used to create the development framework .

Many big companies that use Ruby, these are : Hulu, GitHub, Urban Dictionary, Twitter, ZenDesk, Basecamp, Shopify etc..


Tools of Ruby :

Some Ruby tools are as following:

  • Sidekiq - It is a queue processing technique. Sidekiq is the tool that is used to do and handle any type of task scheduling in Ruby. 
  • AppOptics - It is used for performance
  • Geocoder - It is a Ruby’s location tool
  • Loggly - This tool is used for managing the Logging
  • Devise (Authentication)- Devise is Ruby’s User Authentication Tool.


Features of Ruby :

The dominant features of Ruby are listed as follows :

  • It's a free and open-source language that offers password recovery feature.
  • It is a highly flexible, reflective, general-purpose and Object-oriented programming language.
  • It supports expressive feature..
  • It provides Visual graphical appearance - Graphical visualization is more attractive than text type appearance. It is the attraction point of most of the users. User prefers to understand content by small pictures forms rather than reading lengthy text.  
  • It supports Dynamic typing as well as Duck typing.
  • It supports better exception handling : - Means it is able to catch or handle run time errors or anomalous.
  • It is refers to as a garbage collector - It can be used as a garbage or junk items collector.
  • It is a fully or pure object oriented programming language that supports data abstraction, data encapsulation and inheritance.
  • Data abstraction in Ruby is used to show or represent only required data rather than its background details. It is used to hide background details.


Advantages of Ruby :

The main advantages of Ruby are listed as follows :

  • Provides freedom : It provides an extra ordinary feature for web development which offers programmers the freedom to use creative solutions. 
  • It is very Cost-effective - As Ruby works on Linux which is an open-source framework so the Ruby is 100% free to use . 
  • It is constructed on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture - In software design, MVC is a methodology which is most commonly used to apply user interfaces, controlling data and logic. It focused on a partition between the software's business logic and representation or display. This "partition of concerns" offers for a better order of implementation, work and enhanced maintenance.
  • Easy to maintain or provides efficient maintenance
  • Provides high Security : - It gives a high order of security.
  • Provides high Performance and great productivity - It is used to give the effective or high Performance product or result with in given time. It provides highly productive result with in lower cost and less time.
  • Highly consistent and flexible : - It is very compatible to use and provides a better workable environment. 
  • It's time efficient :- Ruby on Rails consists of a large number of or several in built plugins and modules, which assist programmers not to waste time on writing ordinary code. It has approved that Ruby on Rails teams create applications 30–40% faster than teams using other frameworks and programming languages. Means it is a speedy language.


Disadvantages of Ruby :

Some disadvantages of Ruby are listed as follows :

  • It produces high cost of wrong decisions in development.
  • Runtime speed and performance affect the development of an application.
  • Lack of flexibility - It can be difficult to debug or rectify.
  • Lower (reduced) popularity.- It has a lower user community than other languages and it is not too much popular among users. It can’t become the first choice of programmers.


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