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PLC stands for PROGRAMMABLE LOGICAL CONTROLLER, as the name itself defines, it's a controller of a logical program. You can write the program in a specific application, like for siemens plc you can write the logical program using step-7 /Simatic manager.

PLC will control the output based on the logic you have written in program.


There are different kinds of features of controller which are:

  • The PLC controller can save 120 mold data
  • It has the on/off button on the keyboard as well as the touch screen facility.
  • The controller provides a short circuit protection
  • Controller with eight PID (seven temperature control zones, one oil control zone) available with high/low alarm & if it detects the fault, then the sensor b
  • reaks the circuit and supports J & K type of thermocouple sensors.
  • The vertical, as well as horizontal controller design, is actually expandable to as many as 8 Analogue inputs or Digital 8 Analogue Outputs.
  • The plc controller is actually expandable to as many as 64 Digital inputs or Digital 64 Outputs.

A PLC is basically a custom industrial embedded computer. It is designed to monitor digital or analog signals, perform logical operations on them and subsequently trigger specific output signals.


Disadvantages of PLC system:

Disadvantages of the PLC system purely depend on your requirement. Source the right equipment to satisfy your requirement.

Controllers absolutely don’t have any disadvantages, rather it's the understanding gap between the supplier and the user. Controllers are evolving very much to replace their own conventional design.


Advantages of PLC system:

Plc has a lot of advantages if u are comparing it with any embedded or something as plc can be programmed as many times as possible according to user convenience, we can connect thousands of inputs and output depending upon the type of plc we choose and its scan time is also 0.1ms which will be sufficient for any system to process perfectly

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Need of PLC:

PLC is needed so as to have the following tasks:

  1. to find the automation in the process.
  2. Controlling of equipment with just one click.
  3. Organizing a lot of controllers according to necessity.
  4. To create the actual effective utilization of digital electronics as well as the control systems.
  5. Real-time software associated with microcontrollers, microprocessors as well as Input/output modules.
  6. To provide the actual programming environment(ladder logic, SFC, and so on) that is actually less complicated compared to basic C.
  7. In the industries, PLC might help to find the decrease in manpower as well as wastage associated with raw materials.


The difference between PLC, DCS, and SCADA:

PLC - Programmable Logical Controller (Digital computer device)

DCS - Distributed Control System ( Network of Interconnected devices including a number of PLC’s )

SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ( software for industrial control system )

PLC manufacturer provides a specific SCADA software to control their PLC

Ex- for OMRON PLC the SCADA software used is CX- Supervisor


PLC is used to control the particular operation in a plant —but —DCS is used to control the entire Plant

DCS is used when PLC’s are not sufficient to control the entire automation process ( more number of inputs and outputs)


  • It is a device that is used to control the process (or) outputs connected to it.
  • PLC will control the output based on the input program
  • PLC is a digital computer used for Industrial process automation
  • PLC is usually used for controlling the medium and some large scale applications
  • PLC is used where the number of input and output is less (or) we can say in hundreds.

PLC Power supply

Two types of PLC

  1. With SMPS. (230 v AC)
  2. Without SMPS ( 24 v DC) (SMPS- switched-mode power supply)

PLC Memory

  1. Program Memory - to store and execute the program
  2. Data memory - to store the input and output data

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