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What is an Artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial : make as a copy of something natural

Intelligence : the ability to gain and apply knowledge skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer sciences that has the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to perform tasks that are usually done by humans because they need human intelligence and perception. In simple words we can say that AI is that field of computer science in which machines do work just like humans but these are totally controlled by computers.

So AI focused on the development of intelligence machines that are thinking and working like humans. For example- learning, speech identification, problem-solving and planning etc.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning can be learned by people who have no programming knowledge because these areas are not programming-oriented fields but people who have Computer Science knowledge will have an added advantage, but it is not the only condition.

AI helps humans doing everyday tasks, such as connecting with friends and using an email program or ride share service so it makes people's lives more easy and efficient, powering many programs and services.

The real life best examples of AI are smartphones, smart home devices, travel navigation,drones and smart cars. Now a days we can see metro trains run without a driver,this is the best real life AI example.


The main goal (objective) of Artificial intelligence: -

It’s primary aim is to permit computers to perform such analytical operations like problem solving, perception, decision making, understanding human communication means understand any language, and convert among peoples according to requirement.


Types of AI:

There are four types of Artificial Intelligence or AI-based systems which are as follows:

- Theory of mind

- Limited memory machines

- Self-aware AI

- Reactive machines


Artificial Intelligence Characteristics

  1. Deep Learning- this includes techniques by which machines are to be trained according to human needs. 
  2. Data Consumption. 
  3. On-demand computing.
  4. Facial Recognition. 
  5. Automate Simple and Redundant Tasks. 
  6. Cryptology.
  7. Interactive agent or talkbot

Artificial Intelligence has some advantages and some disadvantages as well. Every new technique will have both, but as being humans we need to oversee of that and use the bright sides of the invention to build a greater world. According to some people Artificial intelligence can destroy human culture if it will be used in a wrong way. So it is up to us how to use these new inventions and technologies.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:


The main advantages of Artificial Intelligence are as follows.

  1. Faster Decisions- It has fast decision making ability.
  2. Digital Assistance:It is totally based on web applications.
  3. Helping in Repetitive Jobs:- This helps us to do same s again and again without getting bore.
  4. Available all time(24x7): It is available any time means 24*7.
  5. Takes risks instead of Humans: It never thinks about risks, it can handle risks.
  6. Reduction in Human Error: It makes no mistakes.
  7. Daily Applications: It is useful for doing daily basis works.
  8. New Inventions: It has capability to make new inventions.


Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence disadvantages are given below.

Making people jobless(Unemployment)- It brings job crisis because it performs human jobs so it brings unemployment.

Making Peoples Lazy: It makes people lazy.

Expensive: It’s making cost is high.

No Feelings and Emotions- It has no feelings and emotions because it is a machine.

Not able to think Out of Box- It has no thinking capability.

Tireless: It never gets tired. It can work 24 hours without getting tired.

Different area of AI: -

- General proplem solving

- Expert system

- Natural language processing

- Computer vision

- Robotics

- etc


Kinds of AI:

Reactive AI:

- Great for easy category as well as design recognition tasks

- Ideal for scenarios in which almost all parameters are usually identified; can beat humans because it may help to make calculations faster

- Incapable regarding working with scenarios such as imperfect information or even requesting historical comprehending


Restricted memory:

- Are designed for complicated category tasks

- Competent to work with historical data to create forecasts

- Effective at complicated task for example self driving cars, howevers still vunerable to outliers or adversarial examples

- This is actually the present state associated with AI, and some sort of retaining wall


Concept associated with thoughts:

- Capable of understand human causes as well as thought. may provide individual encounter in order to everybody depending on their own causes as well as requirements. 

- Capable of understand along with less illustrations as it is aware of objective and also purpose

- Regarded as the following milestone with regard to AI's evolution


Personal conscious:

- Human level intelligence that will sidestep our own intelligence, also.


 Difference between the artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML):

- Development of computerized applications that simulate human intelligence and interaction.
- Handles specific tasks now, general intelligence and cognitive capabilities are a future goal
- Uses algorithms for machine learning, natural language processing, automation and more
- A form of analytic in which software programs learn about data and find patterns or insights.
- Uses a variety of algorithms and analytical models to support different types of data analysis
- Includes a combination of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning method
- AI, where intelligence is defined as the acquisition of knowledge and the ability to apply knowledge.
- The goal is not accuracy but   to increase the change of business success.
- This leads to the development   of a system that mimics a human being to behave in situations.
- The aims are to simulate   natural intelligence to solve tough issues.
- AI is a decision maker
- It works as a smart working program   
- AI finds optimal solution
- ML means gaining skill or knowledge
- The goal is to increase accuracy, but it does not care about business success.
- It involves designing self-learning   algorithms
- The aim is to learn from the   data on the specific task to maximize the performance of the machine
- ML enable the system to learn   new things from the data
- It is a simple concept machine   that takes data and learns from data.
- ML finds only solution,   whether it is optimal or not


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