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What is PHP? Explain it.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor or we can say PHP is the short form of Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a general-purpose and an extremely popular scripting language that is used to develop dynamic and interactive web pages and web sites. The first version of PHP was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

PHP is the first server side scripting language that can be used with HTML. It can also be merged with the syntax of C, Java and Perl languages that makes easier to insert extra functionality to web pages without calling external files for data.

PHP is a speedy, open source and feature-rich scripting language. It is mainly used for creating web based applications or web development (Internet Applications). 

The dynamic content of PHP is directly interacts with databases. Means we connect the PHP file with the database. MySQL is a open source and most widely used database that is established on a relational database management system (RDBMS) and is able and efficient to handle a big coexisting database connection.

Zend Engine generated the common PHP interpreter. It is a free open source software published under the PHP License. PHP is widely used and can be installed on most of the web servers on different operating systems and platforms.


Things you need to make a PHP program :

You need two things to begin: 

  1. A code editor to write the PHP code.
  2. A development environment to run your PHP scripts

Follow these steps to get started with PHP.

  • Install a code editor.
  • Install a local development environment.
  • Start to write PHP coding.
  • 1st DAY : Use PHP with HTML.
  • 3rd DAY : Use OOP (object-oriented programming) functions


You’ve to save your PHP code file into the htdocs folder then follow the following steps.

  1. Open XAMPP control panel.
  2. Start Apache and MySQL servers.
  3. Open any browser such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer and then in the search box type localhost/filename. php.
  4. If you save your PHP file in a folder in htdocs, then type localhost/folder_name/filename.php.

A simple PHP program for addition of two numbers.





echo "The sum of given both digits is: ",$addition;  


PHP coding is started with <?php and ending with ?>. In above example we take two variables named number1 and number2. These variables are taken with $. Now we pass the values to the both variables as number1=35 and number2=20. Now you have to take a third variable, in this example we’ve taken addition. Both variables (number1 and number2) are passed to the third variable addition. Now calculation is done and it will add both numbers. Now ‘echo’ is used to print and displaying the message on the screen. In this example the output displayed on the screen will be -

The sum of given both digits is: 55


PHP framework :

Without a framework PHP is like C++ with no standard library.

A PHP framework is a platform that provides a basic foundation to develop PHP web applications. 

Some PHP frameworks are as following :

1. CakePHP   2. CodeIgniter  3. FuelPHP · 4. Zend Framework  5. Yii    6. Symfony7. Phalcon.  8. Laminas Project.  9. Slim10. Laravel  


PHP Features :

PHP features are listed as follows.

  • Speedy and Great Performance: PHP is a simple and easy to learn scripting language. It’s speed is faster than other scripting languages.
  • Free of cost- It is an open source language so it can be downloaded freely means you’ve not pay any money for it.
  • Well known syntax: Syntax are familiar so no difficult to understand.
  • Error Reporting - It is able to report errors.
  • Embedded language: PHP is the first language that can be embedded into HTML.
  • Supports Security : It provides high security.
  • Support Database : PHP can be easily embedded with database such as SQL.
  • PHP is an object-oriented language : PHP supports object oriented features.
  • Platform Independent: PHP can be used in cross platforms or various platforms.
  • Loosely categorized Language: PHP is a type of loose language.
  • Web servers Support: Web servers support PHP.
  • Control : It gives better control over your code or program.


Benefits of Php compare to other programming languages :

PHP advantages are listed as follows.

  • Easy and simple to understand and learn. PHP is considered as one of the easiest and simplest scripting languages. 
  • Highly Flexible - It is extremely flexible.
  • Easy integration and compatibility - It is very compatible and can be easily integrated with other languages. 
  • Great Performance - It has effective performance.
  • Minimum Cost- It is very cost efficient because of its open source feature.
  • Provides web developer more control and manageable power - It provides developer better control over code.


Disadvantages of PHP :

PHP disadvantages are listed as follows.

  • Security issue : Due to its open-source feature and the ASCII text file are often easily available to everyone so it is not much secure.
  • Need more learning : Programmer requires to learn built-in functionalities to escape writing too much extra codes.
  • Not enough good for large applications : It is not applicable for vast content-based web applications.
  • Weak type language : Sometimes it is a weak type, which can produce inaccurate data and knowledge to user. Weak input causes of incorrect(wrong) data
  • Illogical and incompatible language : Programmers dislike PHP because It is a technically illogical and incompatible language with a poor design.


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