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What is environmental engineering ? Explain it in simple words.

Environmental engineering is that field of engineering which is associated with protecting (securing) people from the effects of conflicting environmental effects, such as pollution, as well as upgrading environmental quality. Environmental engineering is a sub-category or integration of civil engineering and chemical engineering. Means environmental engineering is refers to the study of environment, it’s effects, control air pollution and purifying the environment .

Environmental engineering is the application of scientific and engineering concepts to enhance and manege the environment to: protect human health, and upgrade environmental oriented improvement of the quality of human life.


Example of environmental engineering :

Some examples of environmental engineering includes : projects of dams, systems for recycling (reprocess ) and reusing waste or useless of building in construction, municipal community water supply, and wastewater purifying capacities, plants to desalinize seawater to stream crops, systems that allow purifier in decrease air pollutants, and other more.

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Fields of environmental engineering :

The important sectors of environmental engineering involves : control of air pollution, industrial hygiene, protection of radiation, management of unhealthy waste, toxic materials management, recycling, public health, water supply, management of wastewater, stormwater control, solid waste disposal, and land management.


How will you become an Environmental Engineer? 

You must have a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering or equivalent fields like chemical engineering, civil engineering & general engineering from a reputed and recognized university or college. Some undergraduate and graduate civil engineering programs provide attentiveness in environmental engineering.


What do you study in environmental engineering?

Environmental engineers study and learn the problems of water, soil, and air pollution and build technical solutions required to solve, reduced, or manage these problems in a way that is consistent with deliberative, economic, social, and political considerations.


Environmental engineering subjects :

Some subjects that are best for environmental engineering are as follows :

  • Environmental chemistry.
  • Environmental Microbiology.
  • Chemistry of Atmosphere
  • Rheology of fluids.
  • Air Pollution Control Engineering.
  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Water Supply Engineering.


What skills do environmental engineers require?

Environmental engineers should also need the following precise qualities :

  • Good imagination and awareness: Environmental engineers occasionally have to build systems that will be part of bigger ones. 
  • Social and communal skills. 
  • Problem resolving skills. 
  • Excellent reading and writing skills.


Working of an environmental engineer: -

Environmental engineers create systems for controlling and purifying municipal water supplies. They work to enhance recycling, useless disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control. They also label global problems, like high-risk drinking water, climate change, and environmental stability.


Environmental engineering is a good choice for a bright career :

Environmental engineers perform many duties and responsibilities. We all desire to get jobs and make careers that are significant, satisfying, rewarding, and rewarding. Environmental engineers have many duties and responsibilities, but often they can sleep well at night, knowing that what they do has an important emphasis on our society and nature.


Some jobs that you can get with environmental engineering :

There are five careers options in Environmental Engineering. These are :

  • Water project manager. 
  • Green building engineer.
  • Senior environmental engineer. 
  • Environmental engineering consultant. 
  • Environmental health and safety director. 

If you have a degree in environmental engineering, there are many big firms to work for. You can work for a firm that helps in finding solutions to waterborne or marine diseases. You might be also helping to make the newest and current sustainable energy sources, like solar panels.


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