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What do you mean by network and system administration ?


System administration: -

System administration is an ares of work in which someone controls one or more systems, they may be software, hardware, clients, servers or machines. Its main objective is to confirm that the systems are working successfully, efficiently and effectively.


Network administration: -

Network administration is a field of work in which someone manages an organization's computer network up-to-date even it requires up-to-minute updates.


System administrator and Network administrator: -

The person who manages the organization's computer system called system administrator and the person who manages the organization's networks called network administrator.

It is the responsibility of network and computer systems administrators for the day-to-day working of these networks. They arrange, establish, and assist an organization's computer systems. Theses networks may be local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), Metropolitan Area Networks(MANs), intranets, internet and other data communication systems.

The basic dissimilarity between these two responsibilities is that a Network Administrator supervises the network, while a System Administrator is in role of the computer systems – all the components that build a computer work.

Network administrators ensure that the organization’s computer networks are secure, protected and working properly. A network administrator is an IT professional who confirms that computer networks of an organization (collection of computers that share data with one another) are functioning to acquire the requirements of the organization.


Why network administration is important?

Network administration is important because it makes sure that the computer systems are managed (supervised) regularly. This managing procedure can be done to recognize new fields that can be redesigned in order to increase the performance of an organizational.


The main functions of network administration: -

The main role of Network Administrator is to make sure the balanced, reliable and secure operation of the computer networks. This involves many aspects like planning, developing, installing, configuring, controlling and managing, supporting, and improving all network hardware, software, and communication links and connections..


Features of network administration system: -

It observes the errors, examine, correction, Configuration Management and Operating System changes to carry all the user requirements. It permits computers in a network to interface with each other, manage networks and authorize troubleshooting or performance improvement.


Benefits of network administration system: -

  • Managed cost.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Decreased downtime.
  • Improved Flexibility 


Disadvantages network administration system: -

  • Costly: - Buying the network cabling and file servers can be costly.
  • Complex: - Managing a big network is a very complex task.
  • It needs training and a network manager commonly needs to be employed. 
  • Security risk
  • Robustness. The attached systems on a network completely depend on the main server. 
  • Independence. As networks are depends on the centralized server, so most of the decisions are produced by themselves. 
  • Virus Attack
  • Tough implementation. 
  • Health Issues.
  • Productivity risk. 
  • Maintenance is a challenging task. 

Sometimes accidental loss of the files on the file server become unachievable.


System administration functions: -

Functions of system administration are as follows: - 

  • User management 
  • System monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery, 
  • Access control. 

System monitoring, backup, and recovery functions are generally combined into an organization-wide application. User management functions involve user creation and allocate duties to users.


Characteristics of a System Administrator: -

  • Capability to Communicate and Cooperate.
  • Problem Solving and Flexibility .
  • Advanced (modern)Technical Expertise.
  • Organizational Understanding.
  • Chasing Professional Development.


System Administration Benefits: - 

  • Without having to hire and train employees, managed services can  
  • It provides flexibility to the system and makes the system more efficient.


Disadvantages of System Administration: -

  • High Cost / expensive - costs can very rapidly increase in administration matters. 
  • Negative publicity. 
  • Considering system records and recognizing possible issues with computer systems.
  • Regularly needs operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes.
  • Always needs installing and configuring new hardware and software.
  • Needs regular investigation sand maintenance.


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