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What is CoffeeScript?

CoffeeScript is a small and compact programming language that assembled into JavaScript. CoffeeScript is a way to display the good parts of JavaScript in an easy and simple way. It inserts semantic syntaxes activated Python, Ruby and Haskell in an attempt to upgrade JavaScript's compactness and openness. Certain other supplementary properties involve list conception or understanding and solve

assignment by divide it into many sub parts and each part is executed separately easily .

The code in CoffeeScript compiles one-to-one just same like JavaScript, and there is no explanation needed at runtime. So it would not be wrong to say that CoffeeScript is: “ just like JavaScript”. Both are almost same languages.

According to a survey, in 2011, CoffeeScript was one of the most popular language. Many projects are build on GitHub and appreciate kindly high demand in the Ruby developers association.

But now, in January 2020, CoffeeScript is totally disappeared form the market means now it is not in use. Although the GitHub warehouse is yet sort of active.

According to this survey, JavaScript is confirmed as the 1st rank top language in 2018.  “CoffeeScript is a mini language that assembled into JavaScript” as introduced in the official documentation. It means CoffeeScript is comparatively a tiny programming language than JavaScript. on the contrary, JavaScript is described as "light, delicate, interpreted and object-oriented programming language including first-class functions".

CoffeeScript is just a makes JavaScript attractive. It helps you to write small codes which are more readable, simple and easy, by using main elements of JavaScript and providing you a better way of understanding it. JavaScript is also admitted as the scripting language for web pages, but used in many non-browser domains as well such as a junction. CoffeeScript makes an effort to make JavaScript better and nice, and to hold the output code alike to the input so that rectifying is irrelevant.


Making a CoffeeScript :

CoffeeScript is compiled manually and execute the produced JavaScript code

  1. Tthe CoffeeScript program or code  is Assembled(compiled) into Javascript.
  2. Begin making a node and JavaScript application make the configuration with the compulsory settings : The Node
  3. Save the configuration and click on the toolbar.
  4. Processing(take action) as while running a Node- JavaScript application.


CoffeeScript syntax :

When we compare the code syntax of CoffeeScript with the syntax of JavaScript then we found that the syntax of CoffeeScript are more beautiful  and elegant than the syntax of JavaScript. CoffeeScript keep away from the annoying features like semicolons, curly braces, and variable decelerations etc.


CoffeeScript features :

The dominant featuers of CoffeeScript are listed are as follows.

  • Better conception and understanding. 
  • Provides high Scope. 
  • String interject or Interpolation- It's very common to make a string with the collection of one or more variables. 
  • Supports Statement Modifiers.
  • Handle Callback function efficiently. 
  • The Fat Arrow.
  • Supports a perfect use of @ Alias. 
  • It uses clean JavaScript Output.


Features of CoffeeScript, E56 and TypeScript: -

CoffeeScript Features: -E56 Features: -TypeScript Features: -
- Everything is an expression
- Whitesspace to delimit block of code
- Optional parens
- Optional postfix
- Classes, inheritance and super
- Operators and aliases
- Iterations
-   Splatting
- Comprehesions
- Arrow functions
- Destructuring   assignment
- Chained comparisons
- Block strings
- Prototype shorthand
- Parameters to properties binding
- Class/static functions
- Existential operator
- Bound and generator functions
- Block regular expressions
- Default parameters 
- Arrow functions
- Classes
- Template strings 
- Destructiong
- Default + rest + spread
- Let + const
- Iterators + for .. of
- Generators
- Unicode
- Modules
- Module loaders
- Map + set + weakmap + weakset
- Proxies
- Symbols
- Subclassable built-ins 
- Promises
- Math + number + string + array + object APIs
- Binary and Octal literals
- Reflect API
- Tail calls
-   Type annotations
- Public / private
- Compile-time type checking
- Type interence
- Interfaces
- Enums
- Mixin
- Generics
- Optional properties 
- Tuple types


CoffeeScript benefits :

The key benefits of CoffeeScript are listed are as follows.

  • Motivate the use of good JavaScript designs or patterns.
  • Creates good JavaScript code smaller and more readable.
  • Demoralize the use of JavaScript anti-patterns
  • Reliable/authentic − CoffeeScript is a secure and predictable programming language to write dynamic programs. 
  • Supports good readability, understandability and maintainability − CoffeeScript makes the code more readable and CoffeeScript programs are also easy to maintain.


CoffeeScript disadvantages :

Some main disadvantages of CoffeeScript are listed are as follows.

  • It’s compilation can be a tough. To compile the CoffeeScript syntax errors are often ambiguous or hazy. 
  • Correspondingly, recovering a problem can be a hard. 
  • It's not a popular language or not as well-known.
  • It's very difficult to change it. 


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