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Civil law can be described as a set of regulations that define and protect the private rights of individuals, offering legal remedies to resolve disputes. It encompasses various areas of law, including torts, contracts, property, and family law. Civil law is a distinct category of law that traces its origins back to ancient Rome, where legal principles were developed to establish a code for resolving legal issues. This body of law governs ordinary private matters, separate from laws pertaining to the military, criminal offenses, or politics. Additionally, civil law addresses the legal framework governing private rights and provides remedies for offenses committed by individuals or entities. It covers several branches making it a complex law to study for students and grasp the subject. Here our civil law homework help comes to your rescue where you get 24/7 assistance in understanding the subject and working on challenging homework tasks. You can come to us with any topic from any area of civil law and our civil law homework help expert will make sure to deliver a customized answer that is AI free and plagiarism free. 

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Contract Law:  This branch of civil law pertains to the initial category that focuses on an agreement made between multiple parties, where one of them is obliged to fulfil their part according to the agreement. An illustration of this can be seen in a scenario where two parties enter into an agreement regarding the lease of an apartment. These agreements can be either verbal or written, depending on the preferences of the involved parties.

Tort Law: This is considered the subsequent category within the realm of Civil Law that pertains to instances of personal injury and civil wrongdoing. It primarily focuses on civil offenses committed by individuals or entities, resulting in harm or damage to individuals or their property. Consequently, it involves providing financial compensation to the injured party. This type of wrongdoing is known as negligence, which is an unintentional act of harm that requires the fulfilment of four specific elements.

Property Law: Property law, as its name implies, encompasses both personal property and real property. Personal property refers to tangible assets such as jewellery, merchandise, and intangible assets such as patents, stocks, and copyrights. On the other hand, real property refers to land and immovable objects that are permanently attached or affixed to the land. Real property is challenging to transfer or move. Within property law, there are two types of property law torts: conversion and trespass. These torts deal with issues related to wrongful interference with someone's property.

Family Law: This branch of civil law is quite straightforward, focusing on legal issues related to marriage, annulment, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, birth, and other related matters. It is a significant and distinct field within civil law, known as family law. What sets it apart is that the accused party in family law cases may not necessarily have committed any wrongdoing. Over time, the courts have begun recognizing additional situations within family law, such as same-sex marriage, surrogate motherhood, artificial conception, and palimony, as new cases emerge in this area.

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