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What is mobile operating system explain with examples?

Before studying mobile operating system we should not know about an operating system. An operating system is the main program of the computer or system so it is also called System software. Without an operating system a computer can not be work. 

Operating System is described as a set of programs that synchronizes the working of computer hardware and software.  

Similarly, a mobile operating system (mobile OS) is an operating system that is created or designed only for a mobile device, such as a tablet, smartphone, personal digital assistant (PDA), or other enclosed mobile OS. 

A mobile can not be work without an operating system. It is the main program or software of a mobile. Thus  without an operating system a mobile is useless. It provides graphical user interface (GUI), which is used to interact the user and the mobile hardware.

A mobile operating system is an operating system that is used to run other application software on mobile devices. The mobile operating systems launched on smartphones involves BlackBerry, Android, Symbian OS, iPhone OS, RIM's Windows Mobile OS, Palm OS, WebOS, and Maemo. Android, WebOS, and Maemo are all acquired or obtained from Linux. 


Mobile operating system examples : -

The most well-known and popular mobile operating systems are : 

  • Android OS.
  • Apple iPhone OS.
  • Bada.
  • Blackberry OS.
  • Maemo 
  • Windows Mobile OS.
  • Symbian OS.
  • Palm OS.
  • Web OS.


Types of mobile operating systems :

The main types of popular mobile operating systems are as follows.

  • Android Operating System- The Android Operating System is the most commonly used operating system in the middle of the mobile operating system. 
  • Bada- This operating system is launched by Samsung . 
  • Blackberry OS. 
  • Apple iPhone(iOS)- This operating system arises from BSD and NeXTSTEP, which are associated to Unix and developed by Apple.
  • Symbian OS, iPhone OS, RIM's BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, Android, and Maemo. Android, WebOS, and MaemoWindows Mobile Operating System- These are derived from Linux


Features of mobile operating system :

Mobile operating system’s features are as follows.

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) 
  • Custom Home Screens.
  • Alternate Keyboards- It provides an extra mobile’s alternate keyboard.
  • Cardinal Transmission. 
  • No-Touch Control. 
  • Automation- It is fully automated.
  • Wireless App Downloads. 
  • High Storage and Battery Exchange capability.. 


The benefits of mobile operating system :

The mobile operating system’s advantages are as follows.

  • Extendable memory & runs on budget large devices- One of the main benefit of using devices running on Android platform is that it can hold extendable memory. Means we can increase memory space by adding external memory card. On the other hand, iOS devices do not support external memory extension by inserting memory card to the phone.
  • User Friendly - It supports GUI (Graphical User Interface). A system can communicate easily with the user .
  • Security and protection - It is a duty of an operating system to make assure that each information available inside them is protected and secure. 
  • Sharing Resources - 
  • Hardware Accessibility - It provides interaction with the hardware.
  • Multitasking - It performs more than one task at a time. For example, we can listen music with playing games.


Disadvantages of Mobile Operating System :

The main disadvantages of mobile operating system are as follows.

  • Virus Attacks- Viruses may attack if antivirus is not downloaded or updated.
  • Many Ads in Apps- There are too much advertisement(ads) in Apps.
  • You Need a Google Account- You must have a Google account. You have to create it.
  • Complexity- Updates Are Patchy(erratic). 
  • Expensive- These are much costly.
  • They Have Bloatware/Slow speed- It occupies a large amount of memory or disk space. It’s speed can also be slow. 
  • Hardware Quality is Mixed
  • High costs and long development Periods
  • Different programming languages and skills are required for developing an mobile operating system.
  • Reliability. An operating system is an essential software for any mobile. 
  • Fragmentation


Android Pros and cons:

Android:Android Pros:Android Cons:
- Launch in 2008
- Most used OS in the world
- Generally written in Java
- Open source
- Used on Samsung, LG,   google, Huawei, Nokia and other devices.
- Dominant in global market
- More flexibility to   customize app
- Diverse device options for   users
- Can side load apps from   outside the play store
- Takes longer to develop
- User are slower to adopt   new operating systems
- Users are less likely to   purchase apps
- More susceptible to malware


iOS Pros and cons:

iOS:iOS Pros:iOS Cons:
- Launch   in 2007
- 2nd   most used OS in the world
- Generally   written in swift
- Closed   ecosystem
- Used   on exclusively apple devices like iPhone, IPad and MacBook
- Faster,   easier, cheaper to developer
- Apple   users more likely to purchase apps
- Tight   security
- Apple   users more likely to update OS
- Less   popular outside western Europe and north America
- Less   flexibility to customize
- Apps   take longer to be approved in app store
- Fewer   device options for users


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