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What is Arduino? 

Arduino is an open-source software focusing on easy-to-use hardware and software for beginners, as well as more flexible for expert users. We can do this by using both the Arduino programming language which is based on Wiring, and the Arduino Software which supports IDE(Integrated Development Environment), based on Processing. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Teachers and students apply it to make low priced scientific instruments, to explain chemistry and physics concepts, or to begin with programming and robotics.

Arduino developed in a bar in Ivrea, Italy. In this bar some project founders met and later this bar name Ivrea changed into Arduino.

C++ programming is used to write down Arduino code with an integration of special functions and methods. C++ is an object-oriented and a human-readable programming language. When you make Arduino code files, a name is given to it, it is processed and assembled to machine language. 

Arduino programming language can be partitioned in three major parts: 

  1. Functions- It is a block of code that is created to avoid repetition.
  2. values these may be variables(can be changed) or constants(fixed)
  3. Structure- It is a user defined data type that is used to create data type.

The Arduino supports Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is a platform independent application that evenly works on Windows, macOS, Linux that is written in C and C++ functions. The open-source Arduino Software (IDE) makes it easy to write code and upload programs to Arduino appropriate(suitable) boards. It can be used with any Arduino board.


Types of Arduino: -

Arduino types are listed as follows: - 

  • Arduino Shields.
  • Arduino Mega. 
  • Arduino UNO- It is newer technology than other Arduino boards.
  • LilyPad Arduino. 
  • Arduino Red Board.
  • Arduino Leonardo. 


Arduino Products: -

Some Arduino products are listed as follows: -


Features of Arduino :


The main features of Arduino are as follows.

  • The Arduino supports IDE .
  • It is easily compatible with languages C and C++ .
  • Using special rules of code structuring. 
  • It offers a vast software library, which provides many common input and output procedures.
  • It is an open-source electronics platform which use hardware and software easily. 
  • Arduino boards are capable to read inputs such as a finger on a button, light on a sensor, or a Twitter message and transform it into an output such as switch ON an LED, operating a motor, broadcast something on the web.


Benefits of Arduino: -

The main advantages of Arduino are as follows.

  • Cheap software: - It is an inexpensive software because of open source feature..
  • Open source/free: - It is open source in hardware and software so it is almost free to use.
  • Don't need to external programmer - It does not require external programmer for doing work.
  • Simple and easy: - programming is easy to write and understand.
  • Platform independent: - IDE Software can work on any operating system.
  • High user support: - Due to free and wide ranges of libraries of codes, and relatively low cost components, it consists of large user community,


 Disadvantages of Arduino :

The main disadvantages of Arduino are as follows.

  • Don’t support multitasking : Cannot perform more than one program at the same time. 
  • Occur Connection Errors . 
  • No memory safety inspection. 
  • Costly for the CPU power and memory.
  • Old version Drivers. 
  • Shortage of built-in communications. 
  • Sometimes Serial monitor not working properly. 
  • Shortage of built-in peripherals. 
  • No more programming languages used.
  • Servo issues. 
  • Arduino IDE problem. 
  • Restricted number of IDEs.
  • It is small platform so a user has to work in a small place.



-   Arduino can be an open source hardware and also software company specific within development as well as marketing of interactive electronic objects.
- It is a mix of hardware as well as software atmosphere designed to construct computers that may connect to the physical world around you.
-   Arduino UNO is among the most widely used as well as widely used boards among the whole Arduino family. 
-   Elegoo is additional large title within the Arduino ecosystem which designs as well as manufactures branded Arduino electronic kits.
- It's involved in the development, manufacturing as well as marketing of raspberry pi accessories 3D printers, as well as STM32.
- Elegoo UNO is among the the majority of affordable starter kits available out there with more than 200 components. 


Difference between Arduino and microcontroller:

Arduino801 Microcontroller:
-   Arduino is not a microcontroller,  it   is a program depending on an AVR microcontroller using its own IDE
- The arduino UNO provides simply 32k bytes of flash memory along with 2k bytes of SRAM
- The arduino may take in between 6v as well as 20v via the direct current barrel jack connector or even to the vin pin
- Useful for home automation systems.
- The 8051 is a simply single microcontroller which is one of the 8-bit group of microcontrollers 
- The 8051 microcontroller includes a complete associated with 128 bytes of RAM and contains no EEPRAM
- The intel 8051 works properly in a voltage between +5 voltes in order to no more than 6.6 volts
 - Utilized in remote controls, power tools, auto engine control systems appliances, toys and much more.  


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