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Multisim has got so many components that we see in our real-time applications meeting all our Analog & Digital circuit needs. This cannot be seen in Proteus since its work is restricted to digital micro-chip design. Proteus helps in simulating and thus analyzing various conditions of a digital device with Micro/Nano design involved. Logisim is simply a toned-down version of Multisim with more emphasis on digital circuit elements and logic design largely discarding or restricting the use of analog elements and design.

  • It’s licensed
  • It’s a lot simpler to make use of when compared with TINA
  • Using Utilboard PCB’s could be created.
  • Importing spice models is actually a bit of an issue.

Multisim is really a fundamental virtual EDA software and also LabVIEW is really a fairly method of showing the outcomes graphically towards the consumer, that presents isolation associated with the user' through backend circuit as well as user-level abstraction.

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How can I use Arduino in Multisim?

Arduino is an open-source software focusing on easy-to-use hardware and software for beginners, as well as more flexible for expert users. We can do this by using both the Arduino programming language which is based on Wiring, and the Arduino Software which supports IDE(Integrated Development Environment), based on Processing. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Teachers and students apply it to make low-priced scientific instruments, to explain chemistry and physics concepts, or to begin with programming and robotics.

Arduino was developed in a bar in Ivrea, Italy. In this bar, some project founders met, and later this bar name Ivrea changed into Arduino.

C++ programming is used to write down Arduino code with the integration of special functions and methods. C++ is an object-oriented and human-readable programming language. When you make Arduino code files, a name is given to it, it is processed and assembled to machine language. 

You cannot use Arduino boards for simulation with Multisim. We cannot use most of the MCUs or other components from the internet that is not available.

But to simulate the Arduino boards, the best software would be Proteus and Fritzing. While Proteus is a bit more professional, Fritzing is more user-friendly and is for free.


Arduino programming language can be partitioned into three major parts: 

  1. Functions- It is a block of code that is created to avoid repetition.
  2. values these may be variables(can be changed) or constants(fixed)
  3. Structure- It is a user-defined data type that is used to create data types.

The Arduino supports Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is a platform-independent application that evenly works on Windows, macOS, Linux that is written in C and C++ functions. The open-source Arduino Software (IDE) makes it easy to write code and upload programs to Arduino appropriate(suitable) boards. It can be used with any Arduino board.


The difference between LabVIEW and Multisim:

LabVIEW is short for "Laboratory of Virtual Instrument Electronic Workbench"

It's essentially graphical programming. The actual program you create in LabVIEW is known as the VI short of Virtual Instrument. LabVIEW is actually split into two windows, the front panel and also the block diagram. The front panel may be the window that you will notice once the program is running that to put it simply is really such as any kind of GUI. The block diagram is actually exactly where all of the magic happens. It's the programming side.

The company at the rear of the actual development associated with LabVIEW tends to be National Instrument. These people mainly cope with the actual testing, data acquisition as well as automation equipment.

Labview is a virtual workbench for graphical visual programming (using graphical language 'G' or also by drag and drop methods) by capturing and interfacing of a virtual circuit created on Multisim which is a schematic capture and component simulation program which enables you to test the output of various circuits by assembling the components and drawing schematics virtually.

Therefore basically Multisim is really a fundamental virtual EDA software and also the LabVIEW is really a fair method of showing the outcomes graphically towards the end-user, that presents isolation associated with the user through backend circuit as well as user-level abstraction.


LabVIEW is a dataflow-style programming language. MultiSim is a SPICE circuit simulation tool. They are completely different tools. With LabVIEW, you could theoretically create a SPICE tool to run your own circuit simulations.

LabVIEW is a graphical programming language environment while Multisim is an electric circuit simulator.

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