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What is Primavera?

Primavera P6 is a software tool initiated by Oracle. Oracle Primavera P6 is a project, program, and portfolio administration or control tool that is utilized for planning, administering or controlling, and executing your project work and keeping real-time visibility of industrial information in bulk. It is crated to manage or control big and small projects in a number of various organizations, such as manufacturing, knowledge transfer, coaching and mentoring, construction, conversion services, energy, and IT. It is available free of cost online and its online courses are just four weeks.

With Primavera P6 EPPM, we can manage or control projects of any size (large or small). It is a very good solution for planning, describing, controlling, reporting, and operating (implementing) programs and projects. It is robust and easy to use. Primavera P6 EPPM is the clarification or solution for broadly arranging and planning. 

Oracle Primavera P6 is not the most automatic software in the world. It's exactly not the same as Microsoft Word, but that's perhaps good sufficient. It is a difficult part of business software, utilized to provide even more difficult projects. It is not as simple as MS Project!

Many big companies use Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management such as General Electric Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, a United States-based Aerospace, and Defense, etc.


How to learn primavera:

You can get your Primavera P6 Professional Training Course Certificate by following modules :

Step1. Module 1: Introduction or basic to Primavera P6 Professional.

Step2. Module 2: Scheduling or arrangement in Primavera P6.

Step3. Module 3: Resource Management or administration in Primavera P6.

Step4. Module 4: Cost or price Management in Primavera P6 Professional.

Step5. Module 5: Necessary Activity Codes in Primavera P6.

Features of Primavera:


Some dominant features of Primavera are listed as follows:

  • SchedulingIt is used to provide better scheduling of projects. It gives project status updates and email updates.
  • Contract Management: It is used to manage contracts. 
  • Multiple Projects Management: It can handle several projects simultaneously.
  • Risk and Opportunity Management: It can handle and manage occurring risks in the projects.
  • Multi-User Access: It provides multiple user support and can be accessed by many users.
  • Information Dashboard: It acts like a dashboard where information can be stored in bulk.
  • Resource Management: It can manage resources in a proper way.
  • Gantt Charts and Configurable Forms: It provides configurable forms and a Gantt chart to display information.
  • Real-Time Reporting & Analytics: It produces real-time reports.


Advantages of Primavera P6 Software:

The main advantages of Primavera P6 Software are listed as follows:

  • Assists in Minimizing Risks: Primavera P6 helps to reduce risks.
  • Easy and simple: It is easy to use software 
  • Expanded (Improved) Resources: It provides optimized resources.
  • Enhanced or Improved Visibility: It gives a high level of enhanced visibility.
  • Predicting or Forecasting of Project Activities: It can predict or forecast activities of projects.
  • Tracking Feature: It offers to track features to track errors in the project.
  • User-Friendly: It is highly user-oriented and provides enhanced communication.
  • Disintegrate Complex Projects: It breaks down a complex project into smaller parts so every part can be solved efficiently.
  • Improved Collaboration: It offers better collaboration.

Disadvantages of Primavera P6 Software:


Some disadvantages of Primavera P6 Software are listed as follows:

  • It is harder to show them all in one print if there is bigger data. 
  • PDF of Primavera P6 are not dynamic. 
  • Slow and complexity of the process.
  • It is ineffective to be understood by Engineers who are not administrators or planners. 


Difference between Primavera P6 and MS Project:

Primavera P6MS Project:
- Support unlimited baselines
- Multiple users can work on a single project
- Includes issue and risk tracking feature
- High enterprise capabilities
- Allows creating project website in HTML
- Allows using activity steps
- Supports unique ID
- Allows adding expenses without using resources
- Allows adding up to 100,000 activities
- Supports more than one type of activity relationship
- Allows activity grouping and sorting
- Support a limited number of baselines
- Multiple users cannot work on a single project
- No features for the issue and risk tracking
- Limited enterprise capabilities
- No feature for creating a project website in HTML
- No feature for dividing activity into steps
- Does not support unique ID
- Expenses can be added only by using resources
- Allows adding fewer activities
- Supports just one type of activity relationship
- More flexible activity grouping and sorting


Which is better, Primavera P6 or MS Project 2016? 

Oracle Primavera P6 is a more robust tool for project management (cost, schedule, resources) than MS Project. Primavera P6 has native Project Portfolio management and it can support many more lines of schedule than Ms Project. Primavera P6 keeps project schedules saved on a database, so you don't have to worry about a corrupt file spoiling several days or weeks of work. Finally, Primavera P6 can import MS Project files, if they were saved .XML format and Primavera P6 can be installed on client/server mode, allowing teamwork from the Project Management team


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