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What is Microsoft Project (MSP)? Explain it in simple words.

MSP refers to Microsoft Project. It is also known as project management software because it is created for helping project managers they can manage their projects easily and efficiently. It is invented and sold by Microsoft.

Basically, MSP is created to help a project manager in making a schedule, allocating resources to jobs, trailing progress, maintaining the budget, and inspecting workloads.


What is Microsoft Project known as now?

Proposing the latest Microsoft Project plan for all end users.
Project Plan 1 connects our current agreement contribution, Project Online Professional is now renamed to Project Plan 3, and Project Online Premium is now renamed to Project Plan 5 correspondingly.

Can we use MS Project for free of cost?

You will have to make a free account before downloading and installing the Microsoft Project. Click on the download button on the sidebar menu, then a new tab will open to the official Microsoft Project page. There are three distinct projects, and each arises with a thirty-day free trial.


Microsoft Project is easy to use or not:

MS Project is not enough ideal. It has a high learning curve so it is not suitable for beginners. If you are looking for a primary-level project management solution, focus elsewhere. But, experienced users and skilled project management teams can utilize Microsoft Project to bring their business to new heights.


Why do you require MS project?

The main use of MS Project is to make confirm the success of project designing and execution. Project managers can maintain and control resources, analyze budgets, build schedules, estimate performance, analyze opportunities and check out risks through MS Project’s application.


The types of tasks used in MS Project:

There are 3 types of tasks used in Microsoft Project. These are:

  1. Fixed units  2. Fixed work, and  3. Fixed duration.


Characteristics of the Microsoft Project:

The prime features of the Microsoft Project are as follows:

  • Planning, Scheduling, and predicting the project activities - The planning step is very essential for any project development. 
  • Different project and timeline Views.
  • Collaboration or teamwork - It offers better collaboration and association. 
  • Budget Analysis - It analyzes the project budget.
  • It supports better management of portfolios. 
  • It manages resources efficiently.
  • It represents data effectively.
  • Response to the call for remote work and begin reselling Microsoft Teams.
  • It acts as a reporting tool - which means provides an overall project report.
  • It supports multiple projects at a time.


The benefits of Microsoft Project:

There are many benefits of project management available but some of these are:

  • Fast or speedy: It makes templates rapidly and works rapidly.
  • Simple: It provides simple and easy planning and scheduling.
  • Collaboration: It provides complete collaboration. 
  • It provides visual dashboards. 
  • All are bounded to fix timelines. 
  • It provides efficient and elegant reporting. 
  • Flexibility: It supports the flexibility to manage resources efficiently. 
  • It is a remote-friendly tool - It offers better user-friendly and remote-friendly features.


Drawbacks of Microsoft Project:

Its drawbacks are as follows:

  • Hard: Organization and planning in Microsoft Project are strong but it is hard and complex for beginners and sometimes for experts also. 
  • There are a lot of concepts that are approximately not possible to learn and understand. Even so precise training, users do not know how to utilize the extensibility accurately.


Difference between Primavera P6 and MS Project:

Primavera P6MS Project:
- Support unlimited baselines
- Multiple users can work on a single project
- Includes issue and risk tracking feature
- High enterprise capabilities
- Allows creating project website in HTML
- Allows using activity steps
- Supports unique ID
- Allows adding expenses without using resources
- Allows adding up to 100,000 activities
- Supports more than one type of activity relationship
- Allows activity grouping and sorting
- Support a limited number of baselines
- Multiple users cannot work on a single project
- No features for the issue and risk tracking
- Limited enterprise capabilities
- No feature for creating a project website in HTML
- No feature for dividing activity into steps
- Does not support unique ID
- Expenses can be added only by using resources
- Allows adding fewer activities
- Supports just one type of activity relationship
- More flexible activity grouping and sorting


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