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What is SOLIDWORKS? Explain it.

SOLIDWORKS is a very effective, dynamic, and productive 3D CAD software tool. It helps to inspire or encourage physical behavior such as kinematics, dynamics, tension or anxiety, discrepancy, fluctuation, temperatures, or fluid flow to match all types of design with its combined analytical tools and design automation.

SOLIDWORKS is widely used in the engineering sector to make dynamic models for our product, parts and accumulated drawings later generates.

SOLIDWORKS is especially costly in terms of its efficiencies. Presently, there are two alternatives available to try SOLIDWORKS for free of cost. The first alternative is by “MySolidWorks” which provides an online product trial of the newest or current version of SOLIDWORKS Premium, all from within your device browser.



A SOLIDWORKS model contains 3D solid geometry in a part or accumulated document. These SOLIDWORKS models are used to create drawings by drafting views in a drawing document. Firstly, you start with making a sketch, then create a base feature and lastly add more features to your model.

SOLIDWORKS Professional Modeling is a growing training course that is based on the video that emphasizes the best and perfect practice planning. It offers you to achieve a strong foundation of skills while it represents each command’s details. While creating real-world solid models you learn each step of the way.

You can take the same certified SOLIDWORKS class for just a few hours a day over the web. It is absolutely a similar experience as a classroom-based course but with a better appropriate delivery that will permit you to learn SOLIDWORKS from your office, home, college, or anywhere you are, without disturbing your whole day's work.



SOLIDWORKS is used to create mechatronics systems (combination of mechanical, electrical, and computer) from starting to end. This means the software is used to design and create or developing of mechanical, electrical, and computer software elements.

At the basic or primary stage, the software is used for planning, visual imagination, modeling, usefulness assessment, prototyping, and project administration. 


Key features of SOLIDWORKS :

The key features of SOLIDWORKS are listed as follows :

  • SOLIDWORKS works like a 3D CAD. 
  • It can make advanced parts and integrated designs faster and more effectively through applying powerful and easy-to-use software.
  • It offers design reuse and automation. 
  • It provides part as well as assembly modeling. 
  • It offers an interference check and CAD library. 
  • Design for Cost: Manufacturing Cost Estimation and Quoting. 
  • It provides 2D drawings and design analysis.  


Where can we find features in Solidworks?

Finding Features - We can find features by :

  1. Click on Tools toolbar or Tools > Find/Modify > Click on Find/Modify Features.
  2. Click on the desired option and do one of the following
  3. Click on the next desired option and do one of the following
  4. To search for suppressed features select a Suppressed option under the Match option.
  5. To search for unsuppressed features select the Unsuppressed option under the Match option.
  6. Now click on the Find option.


Advantages of SOLIDWORKS Software :

The main advantages of SOLIDWORKS Software are listed as follows :

  • Improve productivity. 
  • It provides better designs. 
  • It is cost-efficient. 
  • Innovative and enhanced collaboration. 
  • It offers to enhance visualization, advanced collaboration, efficiencies, and innovations.  
  • It permits you to find an assembly with collapse, active, and cover parts from view capabilities.


Disadvantages of SOLIDWORKS Software : 

Some disadvantages of SOLIDWORKS Software are listed as follows :

  • It is history-based modeling: One of the major drawbacks of SOLIDWORKS is the method it uses in image editing. 
  • Lack of image rendering power: SolidWorks does not offer or provide you the rendering power of other programs like CATIA.


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