Biomedical Engineering Homework Help


What is Biomedical Engineering (BME)? Explain in simple words.

BME refers to Biomedical Engineering. It is a field of engineering concepts and methods to resolve medical and biological issues. It also combines biology, chemical, mechanical, and science concepts in the evolution of latest healthcare technologies and systems. This Means Biomedical Engineering is very essential for the efficient management of medicine.

As we know engineering is itself a creative domain, in which the ideas are started from a basic level and lead to higher levels such as from automobiles to aerospace, skyscrapers to sonar, etc. Biomedical engineering is that area of engineering in which the concepts and problem resolving techniques are integrated into biology and medicine. This is visible all over the healthcare, from diagnosis (recognition) and research to cure and healing, and has entered the public ethics through the expansion of inculcate-able medical devices, like pacemakers and artificial hips, artificial eyes, sugar check kits, oximeter, etc., to more advanced technologies like stem cell engineering and the X-ray printing of biological organs.

The main aim of Biomedical engineering is to bring advancement that upgrades or enhances human health and health care services at all levels.

The biomedical engineering field is comparatively new and developing very fast, which makes it alluring to a large number of students, as well women also. Biomedical engineering course is more ideal for women because they are more impelled by the idea of helping others. This means women have a birth-god gifted nature for helping others so women can choose this field.


Role or work of biomedical engineers: -

Biomedical engineers vary from other engineering fields that have an impact on human health in which biomedical engineers use and apply personal knowledge of the latest biological methods in their engineering design process. Biomedical engineers learn, design, create, assess, maintain, and keep up biological and medical systems and products, involving medical instruments and medical machines, artificial body organs, prostheses, and information systems.


A career in biomedical engineering: -

Biomedical engineers are emphasized on upgradation or enhancement of medicine technology and the development of new devices, systems, and equipment for correcting and enhancing human health. For instance, they may create a program or software to work with medical equipment or computer, as well to test new and latest drug therapies.

As health and technology are coming together to transform the field of medicine so biomedical engineering is a growing career field. With the upgrading of health awareness in India, biomedical engineering is becoming one of the most desirable and looking for a bright career. So we can say biomedical engineering provides a good career.


Fields where biomedical engineers can work for: -

Biomedical engineers are hired by many fields such as government agencies, hospitals, universities in research and academia, pharmaceutical or drugs firms, consumer products companies, medical device and testing companies, and medical schools.

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Jobs in biomedical engineering : -

Biomedical engineering provides several careers and jobs. These are : -

  • Software and hardware engineering .
  • Doctor and Independent Consultant
  • Medical device industry and Medical Technology Developer .
  • Innovative design and development .
  • Biomaterials Developer
  • Biomedical Scientist/Researcher
  • Rehabilitation Engineer
  • Research and development .
  • Manufacturing Engineer .
  • Equipment testing and field servicing .
  • Clinical patient evaluation .
  • Technical documentation.


The best biomedical engineering companies for the biomedical engineer: -

There are many big companies that offer jobs in biomedical engineering. These are :

  • Johnson & Johnson, Maquet, Stryker, Samsung Healthcare, KLS Martin, Siemens Healthineers, Skanray Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, etc.


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