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Computer Graphics: -

Graphics are optical presentations of pictures on a surface that can be seeing, such as a computer screen. Examples of some graphics are maps, drawing, photographs, graphics designs, engineering drawings, or other images. Graphics contains both text and illustration(picture).

Computer graphics are used to generate illustrations(pictures)with the aid of computers. With the help of computer graphics, the art and image data are displaying effectively and meaningfully to the customers. The physical world image data, such as photo and video content can also be processed by computer graphics.

When a set of image requires to be manipulated or when the image is created in the form of pixels and is drawn on the computer then computer graphics is used. Computer Graphics can be used in entertainment such as in building high definition games, digital photography, film, electronic gadgets such as smart phones, tablets etc. and all other main technologies which are necessary.


Computer Graphics Software examples: -

There are many Graphics Software available to create, display and manipulate computer graphics such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Microsoft Paint, and Paint.Net etc. Although Photoshop and CorelDraw are most commonly used graphics software for creating effective graphics.


Is graphics programming is hard? 

Graphics programming is hard to do because there is required a lot of interference(transmission) between Central Processing Unit(CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) .

Mainly, graphics programming is not complex. It's just a collection of triangles, multiplying them by matrices.

Types of computer graphics: -

Computer graphics can be divided into two different categories.


Two types of computer graphics are as follows.

1) Raster graphics- Raster graphics is also called bitmap graphics. It is a kind of digital image in which a graphics or an image represents in the form of small rectangular pixels.

2) Vector graphics - Vector graphics are continuously extensible images created using mathematically defined components. In other simpler terms, without losing any quality you can create a vector graphic as large or small as you want.


Difference between vector and raster:

-   In vector scan display the actual beam will be transferred involving the end   points with the graphics primitives. 

-  Vector display flickers any time how many primitives within the buffer gets   too big.

-  Scan conversion isn't needed.

-  Scan conversation hardware isn't needed.

-  Vector display draws a consistent and also clean lines

-  Cast is actually much more 

-  Vector display just outlines as well as characters.

-  File type : .ai, .eps, .cdr, .svg, .pdf, .dfx

-  Commom programs used: adope illustrator, sketch, coreldraw, affinity   designer, Inkscape

-   Web uses: source files-for logos, charts, icons or any hard edged graphics

-  Print uses: source files- to be sent to the printer

-   In raster scan show the actual beam is actually relocated all around the screen,   1 scan line at any given time through top to bottom as well as them back to   top

-  In raster display, the renew procedure is independent of the complexity of   the image.

-   Graphics primitives tend to be specific when it comes to their own end points   as well as should be scan changed   into their own related pixels in the frame buffer.

-   Simply because every primitive should be scan transformed, real period dynamics   is much more computational and needs independent scan conversion hardware.

-  Cost is lower

-  Raster show offers capability to show places full of solid colors or even   designs.

-  File type: .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff, .psd, .bmp

-  Commom programs used: adope photoshop, corel painter, Gimp, artweaver, Pixir   X

-   Web uses:output files- for most web graphics displayed on the screen

-   Print uses: HI-RES files- can be printed ar 300dpi


Applications of Computer Graphics:

The primary application parts wherever computer graphics is used are as follows.

  • Computer-Art: We are able to make fine as well as commercial art through the use of computer graphics such as include animation packages, paint packages and so on.
  • Printing Technology: Computer Graphics is widely used in printing technology and textile design such as printing banners, printing books and diaries, printing calendars etc.
  • Training: Computer graphics is used in training purposes also.
  • Image Processing: Computer graphics is used in processing of images
  • Computer Aided Drawing(CAD): CAD is used to make computer based designs. These designs may be in two dimensional(2D) or three dimensional(3D).
  • Presentation Graphics: It is used to present information in sequential manner.
  • Entertainment: Computer graphics is very useful in entertainment. Computer graphics is used to make many high definition games and funny short videos.
  • Education: Computer Graphics is used in the education sector. It is used to develop educational software for students.
  • Visualization: Computer graphics is used to display high quality real data in image form. 


Characteristics of computer graphics:

  • Color intensity- Monitor colors are depends on even cathode ray tubes or backlighted flat-screen technologies. 
  • Screen resolution. It is resolution indicates to how many pixels (tiny dots) a screen can show inside a provided area. 
  • Graphics as well as bandwidth.
  • Texture


Advantages of computer graphics: -

Computer graphics advantages are as follows:

1) The main feature for using computers in the graphic mode is to store(save) complex drawings and display them whenever needed.

2) It represent the graphical data in such a way that everyone can understand.

3) It also makes it possible to produce high-quality and more accurate results with lower costs. 


Disadvantages of computer graphics: -

The computer graphics disadvantage is that they are very difficult to create. Means they are not very easy to create.


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