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What is meant by internet security?

The Internet is a naturally uncertain channel for data interchange, with high risk of interference or blackmail (fraud), such as hacker and cracking, malware, online viruses, trojans, malicious software and worms.

Internet security is a subsection of computer security. The main aim of internet security is to set up rules and estimate to use against attacks over the Internet. 

Network Security includes manage access, application security, virus and antivirus software, network analytics, network types-relevant security such as endpoint security, web security, firewalls, VPN encryption and more.

Internet security is a subset of computer security specially associated to the Internet. It involves the Internet security, browser security, cyber (web) security, and network security as it implements to other applications or operating systems completely. 

What is computer security?
Computer security means protection or safety of data from unknown user. Means unknown user (person) cannot access your computer and its data.

Computer security is the process of avoiding and determining unauthorized access of your computer. Prevention procedure assist you to stop unknown (unauthorized) users (hackers) from accessing any part of your computer system. 

Computer security can be done by using password. We can set a computer’s password so no unknown person can open your computer and he will not be able to access your data files. In this way your computer will be safe and secure. We can make a password by using alphabets, numbers and symbols such as @, $, #, %, *, ^, & etc.

Computer security is also known as cyber security. As we know now a day, everything is widely spread on the internet (web) so cyber security becomes a very challenging task becausemany hackers continuously trying to access confidential data. Computer security is the safety of computer systems and information from unauthorized access, misuse and theft. Computer hardware is generally protected by the same, as used to protect other important or delicate equipment namely such as doors and locks, serial numbers etc.

Computer security can be explained as provides the authority that are put in place to provide privacy, stability, and accessibility for all components of computer systems. These components involve software, information, hardware, and firmware. 


Examples of internet security:

  1. There are many internet security programs(software) available on the internet. These programs are called antivirus software which use to remove viruses and warms and it also protect devices from unauthorized access.
  2. Password controller(manager) - In this type of security we put the password so no unknown person can open our system and he cannot access our confidential files or information. The password should be in encrypted form. Encryptionis the best way to hide data from hackers. Encryption is used to encode(convert) data in another form and this encoded data is again decoded by the real user. Only authorized user can convert it in original form. No unknown or unauthorized person can read this encoded data.


Examples of computer security: -

There are many free Antivirus and Antispyware programs are available on the internet.

We can make our computer secure by downloading these Antivirus and Antispyware programs. Some examples of antivirus are: Avast, Norton, Webroot etc. We have to update these antivirus programs time to time. These programs give us alert, our system is protected or not. If any virus is found they will find this easily and alerts us.

Firewall is used to stop unauthorized access to a network and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) used for protect remote access.


Internet security importance: -

Network security is very essential for home networks as well as in the business era. A solid good network security system supports business in decreasing the risk of data loss, unauthorized access, theft of data and destroy.

Network security helps to secure your computers from damaging viruses and malware. It also makes confirm that shared information is remain secure. Vast traffic can produce the problems of consistency and may show to susceptibility in the system.


Internet security key: -

The main key to access a local area network is the password or code required.

Most of us are known with network security keys ― at home, you need password to join your personal Wi-Fi network. It makes a network secure and protected. Network security keys help users to make a secure connection and escape network from unauthorized access.


Types of internet security: -

This includes five types of security. These are as follows:

  • Cybersecurity (Critical Infrastructure)
  • Application Security.
  • Internet Security.
  • Network Security. 
  • Cloud Security. 


Types of Network Security Protections: -

  • Firewall - Firewalls manage incoming and outgoing traffic on networks, with predefined security rules.
  • Hyperscale Network Security.
  • Email Security. 
  • Sandboxing
  • Network Segmentation.
  • Remote Access VPN. 
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). 


Main Features of internet Security: -

  • Formal security analytics.
  • Cloud-form security services: 
  • Analysis for outer threats: 
  • Protection against inner threats: 
  • Regulatory observation for security: 
  • Hazard detection, avoidance, and feedback: 
  • Integrate solutions: 


Benefits of internet security: -

These are as follows:

  • Reduce risk
  • Malware protection 
  • Protects your customer 
  • Preserve(save) system against viruses, threats, worms, malware and other unwanted programs. 
  • Makes trust 
  • Protects exclusive important data 
  • Protection against information from stolen. 
  • Saves the system from being hacked. 
  • Reduces system crashes.
  • No errors
  • Make a more modern workplace 


Disadvantages of internet security : -

These are as follows:

  1. Difficult to configure: Firewalls can be hard to install properly.
  2. If firewalls are not installed properly then it may stop users to perform specific function on the Internet, until the firewall installed properly.
  3. Makes slow: Makes the computer slower than before.
  4. Costly: These could be expensive for ordinary user.
  5. Need to be regular update: In order to keep security up to date we need to keep updating the new software.


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