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Hacking means unauthorized access to any computer system or some resources of the network. This means it refers to the illegal use of another computer system or some important network resources.  

So hacking is a bad try or effort to make use of a personal computer system or a confidential network information inside a computer. Black hat hackers steal secret information to take control over the system for personal profits. They can ruin, theft or even stop sanctioned users from retrieval the system.


What is ethical hacking? Also, mention its services. 

Ethical hacking is a subject that is learned by engineers and it is available in different types such as kiddies, worms, anarchists, backdoor hacking, viruses, Trojan horses, and crackers. Ethical hacking is the most common type of hacking. It is described as a service that provides the protection of customers' networks, security of data assets, and examines susceptibility so as to manage or preserve the notoriety and fame of the company before they cracked it.

Below are some services which ethical hacking includes, these are:

  • Testing of Network 
  • Testing of Application 
  • War Dialing
  • System Hardening
  • Wireless security


What are the different types of ethical hacking?

Hacking is the use of hacking techniques in order to test security, software, or computer networks without threatening or breaking any law. Ethical hackers are employed by corporations and governments around the world to shore up information systems that are currently being attacked by malicious outsiders.

The following are the different types of ethical hacking:

  1. White Hat Hacking. White hat hackers use their skills to help others. They try to prevent security breaches in order to better protect individuals and corporations from malicious attacks. They do not seek financial gain, but they may be hired by an organization to point out weaknesses in their security technology so they can be improved.
  2. Grey Hat Hacking. Grey hat hackers use their skills in order to carry out attacks for personal or political reasons that are not in the best interest of the client. They do not damage client networks, but they may download confidential data without permission if they deem it necessary for further analysis. They may also install malicious software in order to gain unauthorized access to a computer or network for personal or political gain.
  3. Black Hat Hacking. Black hat hackers use their skills in order to illegally access computers and networks for personal gain, financial gain, or in the pursuit of vigilante justice. They cause serious disruptions to online businesses and government agencies by stealing information, installing malware that allows them backdoor access into the network, or deleting, altering, or destroying data that is deemed unnecessary by the hacker.


Some ethical hackers work for companies whose mission is to implement new security measures so they can protect their customer’s data from external threats. Other ethical hackers work for governments who want to pinpoint vulnerabilities in order to prevent future cyber-attacks against their nation’s infrastructure.

  • Web application hacking – Web applications are providing the large  
  • Network hacking- This type of hacking is used to find out the vulnerabilities in any network setup and its configurations, setting, and unsafe communication between its components.  This can appear in Large network to small network setups within any organization. This is to identify the weak and Non-standard networking configurations at firewall, Switches, Routers, Access points, VPN, etc.
  • Hacking wireless networks- Wireless network hacking arises is the most common issue and its found when a wireless network is poorly configured on Wireless devices. Few Wireless switches do not come with standard security protocols like WPA2 or WPA.   
  • Database server hacking - The weak security and access of any critical database of any critical application may occur due to weak encryption and credentials. Open databases are to be protected from unauthorized access by identifying weak passwords and critical data which is not encrypted form. 
  • Web server hacking- Web servers are widely targeted by hackers to impact the hosting the web applications and replace the content of hosted websites. To protect against such hacking, ethical hacking helps the server administrators and organizations to analyze the weak security on web servers at the OS level.  
  • System hacking – System hacking involves the compromised network, Operating system,



Distinct kinds of ethical hacking homework support via online education forum:

At the time of the cyberattack, ethical hackers apply many methods for cracking the security system in the industries. Which some kinds of ethical hacks are mentioned as follows:

Remote network and remote dial-up network

Local network

Lifted apparatus 

Personal entrance 

Code evaluation

Communal network 

Application network

Wireless network testing

Network testing

War dialing


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