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What is web designing?

Web design deals with the design of websites that are visible on the internet.

The centralized focus of the web designing is the development of web pages and websites.

It commonly represents to the user experience features of website development in place of software development. A person who works on the presentation (display), arrangement(format), and, in some cases, content(topic) of a website, is called a web designer .

A website is a collection of web pages and a web page contains digital data or information. There are many types of websites available such as- Blogs, Educational Websites, Social Media Websites, Business/Corporate Websites, E-Commerce Websites, Portfolio Website, NGO /Non-Profit Websites, Entertainment Website.

Web designers make design, construct and program internet sites and web pages, many of which integrate text with animations, pictures, sounds, graphics and video clips. It’s web designer’s responsibility to build the design and format of a website or web pages. It means he is working on a brand new website or updating an old or already existing website. So we can say it is the activity of planning and building the components of your website. A website includes structure, layout, images, colors, fonts, graphics and many more .


Types of website design :

  • Single page - These websites contain all of their information on a single webpage. 
  • Static website - We can not make any changes in static websites. These are permanent (unchanged).
  • Dynamic website - In this type of design we can make any changes at any time. 
  • Responsive design. 
  • Z-shape layout.
  • Fixed design.
  • Liquid design.  
  • F-shape layout. 


Uses of web designing :

We can promote our product with the help of an effective website. Web design support companies construct or maintain an understandable brand for their business. When a website represents a business's brand compatibility, it makes it easier to search and assists customers more clearly recognize the optical elements of a brand as a particular company and its products, brand or services.


Web design or web development types :

There are the 3 types of web design. Following are the three main types of web development or web design:

  • Front-end web development- Front-end web development represents the design, the look and feel of a website. 
  • Back-end web development- 
  • Full-stack web development.


Characteristics of a Web Design:

  • Mobile Compatibility.
  • Usability. One of the most important feature of web design is really making the site usable for the all user means Accessible to All Users. 
  • Security features- Security is the main feature of a web design because users(visitors) may enter personal and sensitive information such as credit card .
  • Good Error Handling
  • Fast Load Times
  • Helpful and Effective navigation. 
  • Strong brand identity. 
  • High-quality content. 
  • Social media buttons
  • Well Planned Information Structure. 
  • Well-Layout Content That Is Easy to Scan. 
  • Browser Uniformity . 
  • Website Maintenance.
  • Attractiveness
  • Speed- Website speed can make or crack your whole company.


Benefits of a Professional Web Design :

  • Increased Earnings(Income) - Simply use such a action plan and design, attractive website will engage more visitors and help change those visitors into chances or opportunity . 
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Easier maintenance.
  • Minimum bounce rates.
  • Integrity and reliability . 
  • Makes a Strong First impact . .
  • Better Google Rankings and Raise for SEO.
  • Minimize your Bounce Rate. 
  • Brand Consistency.
  • Attract and engage a vast viewers- Your viewers will visit your website from a variety of different devices in all shapes and sizes. 
  • Easier to monitor analytics.
  • Consistency in design and brand.


 Disadvantages of Web Design :

  • Not so easy : It's not easy to identify( recognize) and use navigation in several aspects. 
  • Time consuming : It may grasp more than enough time to download or upload the web content in this design. The browser may take more than required minutes in determining user-agents due to conflicting strings while analyzing on variety of different devices and cloaking.


Difference between web designing and web development: -

Web Designing: -Web Development: =
- Website designing focuses   on structure and UI
- Web designing is all about   acing the structural languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
- Website designing revolves   around the look and feel of the site.
- Website designing involves   visual tools as adobe, Photoshop etc.
- Website development focuses   on courses of action for using method of reasoning and counts.
- Website development   revolves around mastering the coding languages such as PHP, Java, Python,   Ruby on rail etc.
- Website development focuses   on the helpfulness and interior activities of a site.
- Website development on the   other hand involves tools based on programming languages like AngularJS, node   JS etc.
- Look and feel
- Color scheme
- Graphics design structure
- Flow of information
- Focus on user experience
- Right brained: creativity,   imagination, innovation and intuition
- Internal architecture
- JAVA, C++, .NET
- Focus on user interface
- Develops interfaces with   codes of programming
- Left brained: technical   logical and thinker
- Experience of coding and   technical knowledge is of great importance


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