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What do you mean by Tableau ?

Tableau is a speedy business development tool. It is also known as visual analytics engine that is used to make it easier to make communal visual analytics in the configuration of dashboards. 

Tableau is a Data Visualisation tool or mechanism that is mainly used for Business Intelligence. It assists in making interactive diagrams and charts in the structure of dashboards and worksheets to get business understanding or vision . These dashboards are also easy for non-technical analysts and end users to transform raw data into comprehensible(understandable), interactive visuals or graphics.

Tableau is such a tool in which we use data to solve issues or problems. It allows people and organizations to create their the most of data efficiently.

Tableau assists people to see and acknowledge (understand)data. This platform is used to changing the way people use data and to solve problems.

It is very easier to learn and very natural for a customer to use.This way will help you to learn Tableau in a organize method. Beginners are suggested to follow this path systematically.

As Tableau runs a programming language in the background that creates data representation as easy as point and click, but it is not a programming language itself. Data proficiency may help you to understand how Tableau run or work as its software engine, VizQL, operates with Structured Query Language.


Tableau used for:

Tableau Software is a powerful and an implementing tool that convert big data set into small data and then this small data meaningful and functional. People can see and understand their data with the help of Tableau. This is the main role of the Tableau.

It also helps in change or transform ambiguous data in a very clear natural data that is understandable by users. Tableau helps to make the data that can be understood by experts at any degree in an organization.


Tableau example :

Tableau is a famous data perception method that is mainly used for business intelligence aims. For example, a classical Tableau control panel can be one that is used by an working company of a distribution center to recognize if the sales objectives of the day are accomplished.


Types of Tableau :

The main types of Tableau are as following : 

1) Tableau Desktop   2) Tableau Online   3) Tableau Public    4) Tableau Server  5) Tableau Reader.


Types of Tableau Products :

Types of Tableau products are as follows :

  • Tableau Desktop. Tableau Desktop permits for giving rights of content for visual analytics and data investigation. 
  • Tableau Explorer.
  • Tableau Prep. 
  • Tableau Server 
  • Tableau Public. 
  • Tableau Viewer. 
  • Tableau Online. 
  • Customers formed authorization in Tableau Server and Tableau Online. 
  • Tableau Reader. 


Features of Tableau :

  • Tableau supports Cooperation and Sharing.
  • Estimated fields are easier to understand than created in Power BI . Means Tableau is more simpler than Power BI.
  • Live and In-memory Data. 
  • Data Sources are easier to understand in Tableau. 
  • Modern Visualizations- It gives a awesome look of your data by the means of visualizations such as by creating Maps, Chart Types, text, visual objects etc.
  • High security:- Tableau provides strong security. 
  • Tableau support Mobile View.


Advantages of Tableau :

The largest and very important advantage of Tableau is it holds the lowest quantity of time to make magnificent control panels. It can control several variables and make many types of dashboards rapidly.

It allows the user to make many interactive reports within short time, with the help of quick drag and drop functions. Some other advantages are mentioned as following :

  • Great Performance (achievement)
  • Minimum cast 
  • Easy and simple to use and upgrade (customize)
  • Huge customer resources
  • It is Mobile-Friendly, means Superb mobile support
  • Provides excellent customer service


Disadvantages of Tableau :

Some disadvantages are as follows :

  • Bad or weak design and old modelling
  • Not giving a complete solution
  • Require human and physical effort(work)
  • Not fully automated :-  Reports are not refreshing automatically.  


Difference between tableau desktop and power bi desktop:

Tableau Desktop:Power BI Desktop:
- Download as well as set up: for both equally windows and Macintosh OS with the same functionality.
download and installation are easy and quick.
- User interface: the user interface is intuitive and also an easy task to understand. the particular signifies menu next to the data pane is the key to master
- Data manipulation: tableau permits   users to generate computed fields and also change default attributes of each and every data field.
- Download as well as set up: designed for windows only. 
download and installation are easy and quick. a cloud version is available for use by windows and Mac users some functionality restrictions.
- User interface: the user interface will appear acquainted in order to users who're currently acquainted with Microsoft products. it can easily make use of as well as functions tend to be laid out in an user-friendly way.
- Data manipulation: power BI's effective data modelling functions permit users in order to add customized data fields as well as alter the actual default properties of every data field within the data modeling tab in the tool.


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