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What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is a sector of computer engineering or computer science that allocates with the design, execution, and maintenance or conservation of complicated computer programs.

It is used for designing and writing programs for computers or other electronic machines. A person called software engineer, or programmer, writes software and compiles or assembles the software to create instructions the computer can obey. Good standard software is easier to fix and join new features.

Software engineering is described as a procedure of inspecting user needs and then designing, building, and testing software application which will full fill those needs.

Software Engineering Example : The diagnosis of genetic(hereditary) trees is as an example of the software engineering process. Gene categorizing is a awesome thing that, at it's best, permit us to find the complete genome of various creatures.


Types of software engineering :

In engineering sector there have many different types of software engineers in their team according to their role and course done. Some of the very famous types of software engineer roles are: 

  • Front-End Engineer- These are mainly programmers. 
  • Security Engineer(system and network engineer)- They provide system and network security.
  • Software Engineer in Testing (Quality Analyst Engineer) - They check the quality of the product.
  • Back-End Engineer- These are database engineers. They manage the database of the organization. 
  • Full Stack Engineer. 
  • DevOps Engineer. 


Following is a brief difference between software and hardware:

-   A set of instruction given to the computer is known as software
-   Can make the duplicate copies of software
-   Can not touch, see and feel
-   Developed simply by creating instructions in programming language
-   Can be transferred
-   Physical parts of the computer are known as hardware
-   Can not make duplicate copies of hardware
-   Feel, observe and touch the hardware
-   Constructed using physical components
-   Are not able to transferred from one place to a different electrically via network


Main elements of software engineering:

There are main five elements of any software engineering curriculum:

1. Computer science,   2.  Management science,  3.  Communication skills,  4. Problem solving, 5.  Design methodology.

There are also some points about software engineering, we should know these are as follows:

  • Requirement investigating(inquiring) In software engineering, we should do the detailed analysis of our requirements.
  • Code Quality and Arrangements.
  • Version Control and Achievement.


The major factors of software engineering:

Software engineering has three main factors. These are- 

- Cost - We can estimate the cost of system by calculating the cost of the resources used for the system.

These resources may be the manpower, hardware, software, and other support resources.


- Quality- Quality should be good and full fill the user requirements.


Characteristics of Software Engineering:

The main features of Software Engineering are - Models, Methods, Tools, Standards, and Metrics. 

These can be measured on:

  • Budget(cost).
  • Safety and Security.
  • Correctness
  • Usability.
  • Efficiency and Reliability
  • Dependability
  • Functionality and Maintainability
  • Portability:


Main advantage of software engineering :
Ones and zeros(means computer programmers) convert to any country and any company. Software developer jobs all over the board and work is same every where, so that means you can change company, country or even field, and still have the mandatory capability to get a good job. In brief a software engineer can find a better job anywhere with getting high pay.

  • Higher Pay is one of the biggest benefits of Software Engineering
  • Developing product that saves time.
  • Keeping our data safe and secure online.
  • Better Job Prospects
  • The skills are transferable.
  • Admit disabled people to use the web.
  • Large Demand
  • Higher Quality Programs
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Make the life easy and modern.
  • Developing new technology to save lives.
  • Creating technology that saves money.


 Major disadvantages of software engineering :

  • Expensive/costly - Some projects such as medical and research involve High Initial Costs
  • Require for extra supplementary technical skill.
  • Support and Documentation.
  • Being a software engineer comes with lots of perks and pressure. 
  • Security Problems
  • Shortened Freedom is one of the main disadvantages of Software Engineering
  • More Time passes in the Office- Working continuously many hours even non-traditional business hours such as nights, weekends and holidays. 
  • Catching an enormous amount of projects.
  • Need Regular Upgradation: - Imbalanced demand to refresh current skills or up-skill to new technologies.
  • Require to form your own career path and growth plan.


Difference between system software and application software:

System Software:Application Software:
-   Common objective of the software in which deals with simple system resources as   well as procedures
-   Written in low level assembly language or machine code
-   Need to satisfy certain hardware needs; interacts carefully along with hardware
-   Installed concurrently because the Operating System, generally through the manufacturer
-   Runs whenever the actual computer is on
-   Functions within the background as well as users do not generally access it 
-   Runs independently
-   Is essential for the system to work
-   Software which works particular tasks to meet user requirements
-   Created in higher level languages, for example python as well as JavaScript
-   Does not take hardware into account and does not interact direct with   hardware
-   User or admin installs software when needed
-   User triggers and stops the program
-   Runs in the foreground as well as users function straight using the software to do particular tasks
-   Needs system software to run
-   Is not needed for the system to function


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