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BIZ101 Business Communications Laureate International Universities USA


Discuss the Use of the Social Media for Workplace Communication. 

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Effective communication is one of the essential activities that needs to be incorporated within the workplace. Lack of effcetive communication makes it difficult to deal with the technical and high level of challenges that are involved within the workplace. It is also not possible to implement the proper strategies of decision making system (Meredith, 2012). 

This proposal aims to focus upon the use of social media that will be used as a part of the communication strategy within the workplace. The purpose of the report from the proposal is to identify the communication issues that are encountered within the Commonwealth Bank. The following report will thereby help to implement the newcommunication strategy that is based upon the use of the tool of social media. The intended audience for the report will be the stakeholders and the employees of the Commonwealth Bank. The report will thereby help the internal stakeholders of the organization to make proper use of the tool of social media as an important part of the communication strategy. 

The Common Wealth Bank is one of the top financial organization within region of Australia and NewZealand with the total number of employees of 45,129 (, 2017). This makes the organization one of the top recruiter within the region. The communication strategy of the bank is focused upon improving better level of customer service and better work performance within the employees. With the help of the strategy of integrated marketing campaign, it is possible for the bank to improve upon the networking communication. 


The report will discuss about the communication information strategy that is being implemented within the bank. This helps them to maintain high level of clarity within the stakeholders. The report will highlight information about the communication strategy that will be implemented within the workplace of the Commonwealth Bank. It is also important to discuss about the importance and the popularity of the social media that can help to deal with the cases related with the communication issues. 

Importance and ease of the use of the social media will also be an important part of the discussion. The information of the total percentage of people, who make use of the social media will be used as a part of the report. This is also one of the most important part of implementing new communication strategy. It can be said that due to the popularity of the social media, it is possible to make use of the same as part of business communication This is also one of the major implications that can help in the matters related to providing important company information to the stakeholders. The bank's policy needs to consider few of the important matters related with communication process (Qualman, 2010). 

The main aim of the communication strategy is to ensure that workers at all level of the bank are able to share their work related thoughts. In the context, it can be said that with the use of the social media it is possible to easily to develop the network with the organization (Edosomwan et al., 2011). 


The conclusion part will provide the justification for using the tool of social media as part of the communication strategy. tt will also help to focus on the strategies that can be used as a part of the communication strategy and thereby highlight the importance of the same. 


Recommendations need to be provided such that effective social media communication is carried out in the Common Wealth Bank. Effective use of social media, for the purpose of business, along with ensuring improved level of social media communication strategy is also recommended.