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BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Laureate International Universities USA


Discuss about the Role of customer experience in the success of the Business. 

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Customer experience plays a critical role in the success of the business. When consumers are not satisfied with the service provider, then they will prefer to look for the service elsewhere. A poor customer experience will kill the clients' trust in the organization (Lee, Amir & Ariely, 2009). For instance, I went to CUA bank to activate online banking since I was traveling out of the country. I had to wait for more than two hours before my ticket number was called out. After the service, I was assured that I would receive an email confirmation shortly. It took two days for my account to be activated. 

An experience with Qantas airlines was a better service I ever had. The first instance was when I arrived at the airport late but found my seat still reserved for me. In another incident, after getting to the airport, I received a call from customer care informing me that my flight had been postponed for several hours. Since I was already at the airport, I was given a seat in another plane which was yet to take off. When the perception of customers is valued, they feel to be part of the company and will be comfortable to be associated with the company. 

Poor Customer Experience 

Below is a proto persona diagram showing a poor customer experience at the CUA bank: proto persona diagram

The Pain Points at CUA Bank

Low Service Quality And Customer Dissatisfaction 

Considering the service at the CUA bank as mentioned above, the service offered is inadequate. The customer is kept waiting for a long time to be attended to. Also, the expected outcome took a long time hence the customer satisfaction was not achieved. Discussion of customer experience is based on the quality of service offered and how satisfied they are (Aaker, Vohs & Mogilner, 2010). When the service quality is high, then the clients will be contented with it, and this satisfaction is what constitutes a good customer experience. 

Even when providers develop business circumstances for customer experience, most fail to ground their investment plans in financial or customer measures with a clear link to value production. Customer experience investments should be considered with a high diligence and their satisfaction given priority. Organizations should incur expenditures to meet customer expectations and to address broken experiences tied to metrics with a proven association to the customer experience. 

Emotional Bases For Customer Experience 

When it takes customers a long time to receive the attention they require, they become impatient because they need time for other activities. The duration made to be attended to is crucial in defining the outlook of the consumers. It is acceptable that clients' satisfaction and future behaviors about a particular service is significantly influenced by their emotions when they first encountered the experience (Maclnnis & Folkes, 2010). Emotions act as sources of information used in the evaluation of stimuli and can lead to the development of an attitude towards service provider. 

Good Customer Experience 

The experience at Qantas airlines can be represented in the proto persona diagram below: experience at Qantas airlines

Touch Points At Qantas Airlines 

Customer-Centric Culture 

Qantas airlines operate at the heart of their clients. It has developed alternatives on how their customer experience is delivered. The company has established effective governance which monitors and manages the customer experience and report the value created. Consumer satisfaction is crucial to the success of the business (Zarantonello& Schmitt, 2010). When an organization creates plans at the heart of their clients then they are likely to win their trust. Finding an alternative to improve customer experience is essential in satisfying the needs of clients. 

Recognize True Benefit Potential 

Qantas airlines have the proficiencies to measure customer satisfaction. These abilities are part of a general perception of the customer experience. They believe it is necessary to make sure all the crucial client insights and inputs are on hand to precisely estimate the advantage of investment. The service providers recognize consumer base via the customer experience. It is vital to identify consumers' journeys, apprehend the value of each purchaser segment and lookup the significance of every interaction (Johnston & Kong, 2011). An organization needs to be positive to understand every segments expectations and their current degree of satisfaction with the interaction (Zomerdijk & Voss, 2010). This perception of value and hope can be used to conduct a customer experience analysis. The extent of satisfaction released through enhancing the experience for specific segments at particular interactions can, therefore, be determined. 

Comparison Of The Experiences 

The distinction between the experiences at CUA bank and Qantas airlines is quite clear. In the financial institution, CUA bank, service is not provided in time. The customer is kept waiting for over two hours to be attended to. Moreover, the expected outcome takes a couple of time to be implemented. This experience was a poor one which did not satisfy the customer. At Qantas, the customer experience is valued and service is offered to meet consumer needs. Despite the customer arriving late, the seat was preserved until the client arrived. The company prioritizes satisfaction of their clients. Since the customer needs are met, the experience is definitely positive. 

Experiencing a service makes the customers have either bad or good emotion towards the service depending on their perspective (Muniz Jr., &O'Guinn, 2011). For service providers such as CUA bank, investments in refining the customer experience do not breed enough value. For this reason, they end up providing poor customer experience. Organizations which invest in perfecting customer experience gain trust since clients' satisfaction is met (Leggett, Band & Bookstein, 2013) as in the case of Qantas. The quality of service and the manner in which the provider interacts with the consumers determine their judgment of whether the experience is poor or excellent. In a nutshell, CUA bank service displays a poor customer experience while Qantas treatment of its client shows a good customer experience. 


For an organization that is very important to the society and going through the processes of change and growing competition, it is critical that it ought to progress with a move towards improving their customer experience. Short of positive customer experience at the heart of plans and operational models of a company, service providers will merely fail in an attempt to attract and maintain customers and manage costs. Failure of an organization to react fast enough is not able to keep their market share and effectively compete in client chase with other providers for a longer time.