C11OE Evaluation Of Contemporary Topic In OM And Recommendation For Client Homework 2 Answer

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Individual Coursework – Homework 2 (worth 60% of overall course grade)

This individual report will allow you to evaluate a contemporary topic in OM and make recommendations for your client.

Your client is a pet food manufacturing company Dog Global Manufacturing (DGM), who make a wide range of pet food products (which includes health food supplements). They have recently appointed a new Managing Director (MD) to modernise the operation. The company is looking to make significant investments in the operation to better allow it to compete in the modern marketplace as there have been issues with quality, waste due to over production and not being able to provide customers with their ordered products on time and in full.

The new MD is dynamic and aware that the pet care market continues to experience significant growth. The pet care market is estimated to exceed $350 billion US dollars by 2027 (gminsights.com, 2021). This growth has been further fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of spending and changing attitudes

  • pets as companions/members of the family during lockdowns. Health and wellbeing of pets is important, which is fuelling greater spend on premium food products (gminsights.com, 2021).

There is scope in a range of areas to modernise ‘ways of working’ but the MD in their initial research has

identified a key area of interest as being: Lean Operations.

Given the ongoing pressures of Covid-19 and continued supply chain disruption, the MD and their staff do not have the capacity to do research to inform any new strategy, so they have appointed the CS Consultancy to do the research on this. DGM are aware that CS Consultancy are based at Heriot-Watt University and therefore want to have their research report to be informed by academic best practices, rather than a typical consultancy report. They want you to provide realistic recommendations for how their operations can be improved through Lean. Your task for this assessment is to provide an academic report for the CS Consultancy Management Team on Lean Operations. The report must engage with and reference academic literature and contemporary sources to provide:

  • Context setting of the global pet care market (this is to be a small section of the report, not the full report).
  • Define the relevance of Lean for contemporary operations management
  • Consideration of best practices and limitations for Lean implementation
  • Provide realistic recommendations on how Lean can be implemented to support operations management at Dog Manufacturing

(your focus must be on Lean and not any other Quality Methodologies)

This report is to be 2500 words, contains a minimum of 15 references and is worth 60% of your overall grade. Formatting style should be ‘Arial’, 12pt and 1.5 line spacing. The language used must be third person, formal, so therefore presented in an academic style. Word count excludes front page, contents page, references (in text and end list) as well as tables and figures. No appendices are permitted. If you do not use academic sources from Operations Management journals, you will fail this assessment.

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