C11SA Supply Chain Risk And Adaptation Homework Answer

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C11SA Supply Chain Risk & Adaptation

Assignment Brief 2022-23

Individual Academic Essay (60% of course mark)

Uncertainty has become the new norm of the business ecosystem due to continuous disruption caused by man-made crises and natural disasters with serious effects. Logistics and supply chains are among the most impacted business functions during disruption. The likelihood and consequences of various sources of risks amplified by complex global supply chains, ever-shrinking product lifecycle, and unpredictable volatile markets. This is along with other mega-trends including climate crisis, shortage of labour and digital disruptions.

In times of crisis, uncertainty can reach extreme levels, and supply chain vulnerability can be highly exposed. The recent crisis has proven that building resilience and adaptability are crucial during these periods of systemic change and transformation. It differentiates businesses that not only survive amidst disruption but also thrive and create business values and in turn a competitive edge.

Your task

You are requested to answer the following

  • Why resilience has become a critical success factor in managing logistics and supply chains.
  • How supply chain leaders can build resilience that allows them to prepare for a fast-paced and uncertain future.
  • What the implementation challenges of supply chain resilience are and how supply chain leaders can overcome these challenges?

Your essay must be supported by good quality relevant academic sources, reliable industry reports, statistics, examples, publications, company websites, and other reliable online sources.

You might focus on a specific supply chain context in terms of industry/product type.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully:

  • Your essay should be 2000 words with accepted + 10%. The word count excludes cover page, figures, table of contents, and reference list. The word count includes tables in the body of the essay.
  • Do not include an executive summary, abstract, or any appendices.
  • Use 11-point font (Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman are all acceptable), with 1.5 line spacing.
  • The language used must be third person, formal, and therefore presented in an academic style.
  • Use the Harvard Referencing style. Your report should include relevant literature only, minimum of 10 references.
  • Please do not email your draft or completed work to your lecturer.

Assessment criteria

  • 15% - Understandings & critical discussion of how resilience has become a critical success factor in managing SC & logistics.
  • 30% - Critical discussion of how supply chain leaders can build resilience in their supply chains.
  • 15% - Evaluating the implementation challenges of the supply chain resilience and how to overcome these challenges.
  • 20% - Literature support & industry examples & reflection
  • 20% - Essay structure, logical, clear arguments, and Referencing

Essay Structure

  • A brief introduction: the purpose of the essay and what is included in the essay,
  • The main body of the essay which covers the elements of the task (see assessment criteria),
  • A conclusion in which you clearly state what can be concluded from the study you have carried out.
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