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Assignment (1)

You are employed as a supervisor at the local mail distribution center. The center wishes to develop a new staff recruitment and selection process, to be implemented within the next three months. You have been assigned the responsibility of project manager.

Your Task

Explain (130 to 150 words) how you as the project manager should plan, manage, and control communication, with the team members to achieve deliverables. Give reasons.


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Answer :

Advanced Project Management

For planning the way of communication among the team members, creating a project communication scheme can be effective. A project communication scheme will include the timelines of communication, the method of communication as well as the medium for communication which will be significantly helpful for the project manager. Additionally, for managing communication among the members, all the members must get roles and responsibilities. As per Zhang et al. (2017), delegating tasks to the team members helps them manage their duties effectively as well. In addition, for managing communication efficiently, project status reports need to be prepared for every month. Controlling communication can be done with the help of installing a project management information system. As per Davis (2017), meetings are relevant to increasing communication. Hence, for controlling communication, meetings can play a major role as well. Furthermore, for controlling communication, along with the discussed strategies, analytical techniques will be used.