DATA4600 Business Analytics Project Management: Case Study Analysis Homework 1 Answer

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Homework 1 Information

Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Business Analytics Project Management
Assessment Title:
Case Study Analysis
Assessment Type:
Written assessment
Word Count:
30 %
Total Marks:

Your Task

  • This assessment is to be done individually.
  • A business project case study is provided below.
  • You will be applying concepts related to the first four weeks of your subject to a business case study. You will also be discussing team inclusiveness and succession planning.
  • Your case study report is to be submitted as a Microsoft word file via Turnitin
  • LO1 and LO3

virtual world

Assessment Description


A metaverse is a digital shared universe (virtual world) such that we can take on other identities or personalities, play, learn, socialise or work collaboratively with others.

Business case study:

The metaverse will revolutionise the way real-estate operates. Not only changing the way real land and property is bought and sold, but also what is sold. It is now possible to buy and sell land in the metaverse, i.e. virtual land.

Regarding both real and virtual land, you are now able to see inside houses and view land virtually from your own house. Immersive 3-dimensional real-estate tours allow you to make sense of complicated floor plans and check out interesting features of properties for sale.

Adapting this to your local area

Imagine that you have been asked to lead the following feasibility project. A small team of analytics specialists are to collaborate with their local real-estate firms and virtual property firms to see if it is possible to make these opportunities available to persons living in your region.

The main aims of the project are A) to determine if there is demand for the 3-D tours of real land and property, and B) if there is a demand for virtual land. Part of this may involve determining if people are able to afford or get access to the augmented reality glasses (headsets) required for the tours or if the real-estate agents could supply them.

Case study Instructions

  1. In a short paragraph, introduce the project and define the three business questions in your own words. [200 words, 3 marks]
  2. Set three relevant KPI’s for the project. These should be related to the business questions, and may be concerned with timelines, data collection and analyses. [150 words, 3 marks]
  3. Draw a potential business process flow chart for the project. [2 marks]
  4. Write a paragraph describing how the waterfall project methodology could be applied to this project. [300 words, 5 marks]
  5. Write a paragraph describing how one of the newer Agile/Hybrid project methodologies (Scrum, Kanban,etc.) could be applied to this project. [300 words, 5 marks]
  6. Suggest why some of the methods may fail in this case and which method you would recommend as the best for the real-estate project. [250 words, 5 marks]
  7. Describe possible issues you may encounter as analytics meets project management. (100, 3 marks]
  8. Find at least five supporting references for your report. List the references in Harvard format. Structure your work as a report. [2 + 2 = 4 marks]
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