Delegation Issues Among Licensed Registered Nurse

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Issues in Nursing (NUR 2400) Kingsbrough Community College: Why do you think delegation is a difficult task for newly licensed registered nurses and what is the one most important "take-away" from this assignment you will use as a newly licensed registered nurse?

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“Delegation generally involves assignment of the performed of activities or tasks related to patient care to unlicensed assistive personnel while retaining accountability for the outcome.” (ANA) Delegation may be a difficult task for newly licensed nurses because there is a lack of experience when it comes to delegation as a student nurse and newly licensed nurse. Delegation often requires skills that aren’t taught in nursing school and are difficult for preceptors to teach in the clinical setting. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) published the “National Guidelines for Nursing Delegation” which refer to the “Five Rights of Delegation” which is a checklist that new nurses can consider before delegate. These five rights are, Right task, Right circumstance, Right person, Right directions and communication, and Right supervision and evaluation. There are also similarities between this list and SBAR. SBAR is an order in which you can delegate tasks. When delegating with SBAR, the order followed is, situation, background, assessment, and recommendation. As a newly licensed nurse, it is also important to understand that the role of delegator and supervisor has increased the scope of legal liability for an RN. When delegating to a UAP it is important to be extra careful to avoid wrongful delegation of patient care. After becoming a newly licensed nurse, I will remember to carefully delegate all tasks the correct way to avoid any conflict with wrongful delegation. 

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