HI5004 Marketing Management Assignment Tutorial Questions Answers

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Assessment Task  Tutorial Questions Assignment

Unit Code: HI5004

Unit Name: Marketing Management Assignment: Tutorial Questions

Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  • Student will be able to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge of Marketing Management
  • Research the tools for gathering marketing information and utilise the tools to assess markets
  • Evaluate consumer behavior and its effect on business performance
  • Conduct and apply marketing research to enhance decision making including segmentation and targeting and positioning
  • Develop creative marketing strategies for new product development including product, price, people and promotion - Generate creative strategies for customer acquisition and retention

Description: Each week students were provided with three tutorial questions of varying degrees of difficulty. These tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder for each week on Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of tutorial questions covered over Week 2 to Week 11 inclusive.

It is important when you answer the questions, you do not just copy and paste the answers from other sources, but rather, try to paraphrase it and provide reference (in- text referencing) to your answers. All references must be listed appropriately at the end of the report using Harvard referencing style.

The questions to be answered are:

Question 1: (11 marks)

Week 3

Many market researchers have their favorite research approaches or techniques, though different researchers often have different preferences. Some researchers maintain that the only way to really learn about consumers or brands is through in-depth, qualitative research. Others contend that the only legitimate and defensible form of marketing research uses quantitative measures.

Take a position: The best marketing research is quantitative in nature versus the best marketing research is qualitative in nature.

Word count: no more than 500 words

Reference: at least 2 academic sources to support your discussion

Question 2: (11 marks)

Week 4 


Watch the video in the link above and discuss in 300 words about how the consumer behaviour changed

You must use the information from the video to discuss

Question 3: (7 marks)

Week 5

Watch the video in the link below and answer these two sub-questions in 300 words: youtube.com/watch?v=6HBOdH7yEQ0&list=RDCMUCRbWGFvmpQyvbow_ wlNWEYQ&index=3

  • Identify the message that the company wants to send to the customers through the advertisement.
  • Identify the target market for this advertisement and explain why you think the advertiser is using the segmentation variable you identified for that advertisement

You must use the information from the video to support your discussion

Question 4: (7 marks)

Week 9

Covid – 19 has changed the future of retail industry. Provide your prediction about the future of retail industry and discuss about it in 500 words. You can you the information from the links below


theconversation.com/covid-19-has-changed-the-future-of-retail-theres-plenty-more- automation-in-store-139025

Question 5: (7 marks)

Week 10

Watch the videos in the links below and answer 3 following questions: 



  1. What is the message that Apple wants to send to its customers?
  2. According to your opinion what does the benefit Apple gain when they implemented the Think Different campaign’?
  3. What kind of emotions does this video evoke in you? Explain what you felt and why?

Answer the question in 300 words and you must use the information from the video to support your discussion (7 marks)

Question 6: (7 marks)

Week 11:

Think about the last time you went to make a major purchase in a store. How important was the salesperson in that decision? What did he or she do that you liked or didn’t like?

Answer this question in 300 words

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Answer :

Question 1: Week 3

According to Queirós, Faria & Almeida (2017), qualitative approaches in marketing are becoming essential not just for their traditional gain in customer attitude but also for their profits in managing colossal information and statistics mining. The study from International Data Corporation (IDC) displays that as soon as it originates from online information, formless content financial statement for 90 per cent of entire digital data. The quantifiable study discusses the assortment of a considerable quantity of evidence after directing surveys in the market or through the feedback form and voting devices. A qualitative study is created on adjacent opinion to recognize purchaser viewpoints and is showed in minor collections or done from frontal interviews. The research methods are similarly operative; nonetheless, their application rests on the corporate zone wherever they need to be functional (Christofi, Leonidou & Vrontis 2017). The qualitative study aims to interrogate a focused set that benefits in comprehending the sentiments of the consumers and offers a comprehensive and detailed intuition regarding detailed material. In a quantitative study, ample characteristic statistics are accumulated to comprehend the complete effect of precise circumstances or any product. It derives from enquiries where evaluation degrees are given for ranking provision from 1-10 on a scale. Qualitative study is associated with questions that are mainly open-ended such as “What do you think about the product and the service?” The qualitative study emphasizes the differences in opinion and expressions given by the consumers to elucidate their understanding and experience, benefiting and classifying their goods in-dept. Likewise, the qualitative study involves a smaller amount of time, currency, and determination since only a specific set of individuals are intricate. 

According to Hanna (2019, p. 62), in-Depth Interview (IDI) technique, whose item was to recognize one of the crucial marketplaces features of customer performance, that is their making of decision process connected to the buying of any product In a quantitative study, the predetermined responses are provided as possibilities from which consumers choose and state their answers; also, the study is attained created on the nominated hypothesis. Quantitative research is associated with various dimensions, whereas qualitative research is around observations. Qualitative explore offers more honesty where consumers' languages assist in handling the problems correlated to the facilities. A ranking scale will appraise the existing status; nevertheless, the explanations leading to lesser rankings would not be recognized. Qualitative study is very affordable compared to quantitative and wants not as much of the amount of time it is used while conducting quantitative research (Petrescu & Lauer 2017).  As a smaller quantity of individuals is tangled in leading the investigatory, it offers further suppleness. Qualitative study is further operative in comprehending the originating cause of glitches. The participants included in the interview will provide precise responses; also, their facial expression will be helpful in detecting the disadvantages related to the facility or the product (Hanssens 2018). Since the opinions stated above, makes it pretty evident that qualitative study is operative when comprehensive data is compulsory to comprehend the precise explanations leading to any problem connected with services or product that is not yet recognized in the marketplace. On the contrary, quantitative statistics are useful when a considerable number of participants response is required. 

Question 2: Week 4

Customer approaches and attitudes have transformed their progression after technical development. Also, smartphones have entirely transformed the progression of actions. Customer approaches and attitudes are inclined by aspects like financial status, communication, value, demand and sentiment (Almunawar et al. 2018). In the given video, it is seen that attachment, along with relationship, is provided with the primary significance where sentiments execute an essential portion in appealing customers in the direction of the goods. Previously in the era of the 90s, TV has been the most valued utilised mass media for entertainment, also gathering data.

Nevertheless, in the existing universe, a smartphone has occupied the areas where individuals utilise mobile phones for each explanation. In the current and novel period of technical advancements, revolution is the most crucial technique over which corporate can fascinate customers. Likewise, the augmented practice of YouTube is mutual in technology-focused customers' current state, and its approval is growing swiftly (TEDx Talks 2012). This video also stated that the transformation in customer methods and attitudes is recognized and studied, wherever the usage of mobile phones in digital stages is presiding the marketplace. From any Google amenities like Google Assistants, Google Maps, or Google Drive, individuals identify regarding mobile apps.

Similarly, it is seen that mobile app progress is required for reaching out to a further significant quantity of the viewers whensoever publicizing and commercial are regarded. Google avoids using way too much marketing in their commercial, and they, at all times, try and make it subtle. They already used a method of using storytelling techniques that shows their facilities' selling is executed over an audio-visual. It is also a very prominent element that audio-visual is of further worth when publicizing the goods is regarded. 

Question 3: Week 5

  1. The information that the firm desires to provide to its consumers is related to being gentle and consideration to them (Hallmark 2019). They are making an effort to persuade the consumers that hallmark is taking care of the existing base of their customers; also, they are given importance to the sentiments of customers. Consumers are given the chief importance where affection and understanding in any human life are the main reasons for victory for any firm or in any human life. From the commercial, hallmark desires to display their method of conducting business, which is, with the backing from others. The commercial is concentrating on being considerate adequately to transform human lives. The goods are not revealed in the commercial; their concentration is also on the benefit of being considerate towards their customers. They are also very understated in the marketing approach. Hallmark can also become an outstanding technique to state adequate attention for the remaining. They are also putting in the effort to describe that utilising hallmarks displays affection and emphasises individuals and relations.
  2. The ad's target viewers, mainly those who regular on YouTube, also have faith in being considerate of the individuals and humanity. The breakdown is linked to individuals who shower love; admiration also cares for the community. In the given advertisement campaign, the digital platform is used to fascinate younger customers that are further focused on web-based facilities. Remaining associated and serving others, also showing appreciation are compulsory for natural life and following the same business. The segmenting of the market is mainly composed of online media operators since they use YouTube for their commercial. YouTube has a significant population, which is also used for sharing videos also; individuals can state their comment, share or like the video. The targeted audience will also be sharing the ad that will help in growing in numbers within significantly less time at a time also in seconds, also from that, hallmark can easily accomplish its goal of pulling in more individuals near to their goods. Utilising online marketing is one of the most operative methods of fascinating populations to their goods and progress its product value.

Question 4: Week 9

Corona Virus has led to confusion and problems in the supply chain of marketing segments. Individuals are purchasing extra goods than they require as they are frightened, which is ensuing while stock-outs. The non-food substances are not going through this problem when lockdowns and monetary shortages have condensed their corporate (Rajasekaran, Cindhana & Anandha Priya 2018). An extended supply chain was also required. Else, the demographics would have been affected in the forthcoming days because of the urgency. Likewise, it has seemed that numerous workplaces were locked because of the whole isolation procedures placed by the legal bodies, which is leading to enormous losses (Vader, Martin & Qian 2021).

Similarly, member safety was an important matter required to be controlled and maintained within workplace locations (Adalarasu 2020). The trading market will entirely face massive transformation because of the Corona Virus disaster, as individuals are primarily observing for digital resolutions. The investment charge and formation charge for all the physical shops are generating difficulties within the retail area. Retail marketplaces can use demand response plans for freight shifting and mechanization (Vader, Martin & Qian 2021). Mechanization will support managing with inculcating protective actions and adhering to the guidelines concerning office safety during the Corona Virus epidemic. Robots substituting individuals in inventory administration can diminish the burden of the retail market; also, they can use their financial sources for improvised selling on digital platforms (Medhi & Bora 2020).

Wools worth is considered one of the giant retail companies in the Australian market that affects digital shopping and mechanization of facilities in which they are substituting their employees with robots (Mortimer & Bowden 2020). The Corona Virus shortage has exposed the e-commerce is only the consistent technique of corporate. Similarly, automation in inventory administration and logistics will diminish the prices because workers' count will decline. The epidemic has exposed that transformation is essential in business, particularly within the retail area also groceries, that is mainly accessed on an everyday basis by masses of consumers globally. Numerous mortar and brick shops are impacted because of the epidemic; also, they are marching near the digital platform for conducting corporate. Technology is the only method through which retail corporate can transform their operating method; hence that will make them organized for any impending complications or issues handled by the company in their forthcoming days. Individuals are hesitant to leave their homes for buying the objects which are utilised frequently; also, the business of grocery has observed an inevitable growth in progress because of overstocking triggered during the lockdown. Likewise, it is looking for which consumer is inclined towards digital purchasing to ensure safety measure so that the virus's spreading can be eradicated. Online advertising is in high demand; also, the Corona Virus has just enhanced the procedure. 

Question 5: Week 10

  1. Apple talks regarding assuming that the virus can transform the universe (Rene Brokop 2013). This is because they are making an effort to persuade their consumers that the goods are exclusive and diverse. The company are also making an effort to raise in their consumers a sense of being distinguishable can alter the perception of the universe. Along with the ad's help, they motivate the consumers to contemplate differently from others, revolutionizing and directing through the front. Apple is making an effort to grasp the consumers' concentration by providing instances of products such as Nike, through which they express admiration to all the sportspersons in all their ad. The goods are not once used; any challenging firms are never shown in Nike's ads.
  2. Through the campaign of Different Think of Apple, the company has been capable in the marketplace by showing their uniqueness of the product (Piotr 2013). The goods are beginning from iPads to Macbook also iPhone that states all the products are entirely exclusive, new and innovative. Through the differentiation approach, they can aim customers for a niche market who give importance to quality also are prepared to pay the amount for the products. Thinking in a different way is correlated to inspiration; also, from their ad campaign, the company desired to drive exclusive individuals. The company aims at individuals who want goods that are valued and involve distinct features along with the exclusive value.
  3. This audio-visual makes me have confidence in thinking distinctively and transforming elsewhere the average person can carry achievement. Forcing boundaries also makes an effort to bring somewhat; differently that can support altering the perspective of the universe. Revolutions and advance developments can just be probably provided you dream of extensive also value-adding worth to culture by contributing differently. I feel that corporate is correlated with ensuring association and attachment with the consumers; the only marketing of a product is not an appropriate technique. 

Question 6: Week 11

The approach of a salesperson executes a crucial role while visiting a shop for any critical buying. Whenever a massive quantity of currency is at considerable risk, then we frequently become further sceptic also need to confirm the goods based on the value, sturdiness. Supposing any salesperson is very well behaved with excellent and accurate skills of communication. Then at that time, he/she can be capable of sufficiently defining the specifics of the service or the product, its operations and the durability, and any guarantee associated with the product. Provided the buying is associated with electrical equipment's, a guarantee is a compulsion pre-requisite. The behaviour of the salesperson generates attention within our awareness regarding a detailed product. Provided the salesperson has been unwilling to demonstrate the variabilities and inattentive in listening to the queries of the customers, whether they will buy or not buy the product. According to my think, the salesperson executes a crucial role in deciding the terms of any product. At times, it might occur that we buy a product that was never in our intention.

Nevertheless, the salesperson persuaded us so nicely that we got convinced and decided to purchase that specific brand. Operative communication happens as soon as people can interconnect any goods' potentials and encourage the viewers to purchase the goods. The crucial potentials of the salesperson are self-confidence and upholding an optimistic approach, flexibility to comprehend the consumer’s demands, also upgrading a decent relationship with its customers. The decent relationship and attending capability of any salesperson is crucial; they must also have sufficient tolerance to demonstrate its various features.