Leadership Style Of Elon Musk Homework Answer

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Question :

During our study about Leadership, we learned the difference between manager and leader, adding to that we studied traits, and styles of leaders and leadership.

In our first assignment, you will research and write about a modern project leader of your choice . Carefully consider his traits, styles, and detect any different situations for his/her leadership in today’s organizations.

Your Task

1. Select a leader either a “good example or a bad example.”

2. Research your chosen leader, identifying evidence of his/her traits, styles, and leadership situations.

3. Write a four-paragraph essay profiling your chosen leader.

• First, introduce your leader, and state why you selected him/her. Was their leadership effective or not effective?

• Next, detect the traits and style of your leader, and why you chose that style for him/her?

• Next, describe the leadership situation your chosen leader was in and so you chose for him that style?

• Finally, conclude with a short description what is your personal leadership style and how effective it has been for you?

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Answer :

Elon Musk is a renowned entrepreneur and project leader who has found PayPal and he is also the CEO of Tesla. Elon Musk has been selected for this essay as he is one of the most important visionaries of the current era. His leadership has been effective for all the companies he has been associated with.

The leadership style Elon Musk is transformation leadership which include the traits of passion for innovation, positive energy, strategic decision and entrepreneurial spirit. Bastari et al. (2020), argued that transformational leadership compels communication owing to the constant feedback. Hence, this leadership style is relevant.  

Elon Musk has handled the project of returning a spacecraft from the low Earth orbit. The company has the first human-rated spacecraft with NASA approval. Elon Musk inspired the possibility of commercial space exploration for the US. 

My leadership style is democratic leadership. This leadership style has been so far effective as effective team relations have been built.