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Marketing Research Assignment

1000 words

Assessment brief:

Compare two different examples of consumer surveys, completed by yourself online, and evaluate both their approach and content in terms of the types and nature of the information that you think they are gaining from the survey. Add observations of what information is not gathered in this way and that may also be useful for the company. Consider the experience as a participant, not a marketer.


You will need to visit sites that you are familiar with, or you are a user of the products or services. Some sites will ask you to complete a survey about their site, and this can be one example, if you choose.

You will need an example of a survey that is about your use of a company’s product or service and you may need to seek this out.

You will need to take notes about both the form and the process of completing the survey, and the content that it is asking about as you go along.

Remember that the process of marketing research is about providing information and NOT about solving a problem for the company or advising on the decisions they should or could take.

Where you can, link the discussion of what you observe to what marketing research is and what it is for, as covered in the first two weeks of the module.

The aim of the assessment is for you to begin to reflect on what marketing research is about and the processes of gathering information.

The overall word limit is 1,000 words. Where you want to reference source material or the textbook, please use Harvard referencing style, and a list of references should also be included in the Harvard style (references and the reference list are always outside your assessment word limit).

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Answer :

Description of each survey and product or service

Site1: Swagbucks:

The first survey link is that of Swagbucks, a free online reward membership program that allows the site users to earn points in the currency of the Swagbucks rewards called SB (, 2021). The members have to share their credentials and participate in the different kinds of Survey options to redeem points for getting free gift cards or free payments on PayPal. It is a free service that allows the users to redeem points and shop online, watch reduced and take survey (appendix 1). This is considered an easy way to make money, and there are different kinds of options that the users can avail for earning points and availing gift card that can be used for shopping online (, 2021). Product or service: 

  • The users can fill a quick survey of 3 minutes to earn 5 SB 
  • They can activate a $10 bonus can disperse purchase done online by taking part inactivity of 20 seconds and earn up to 1,000 SB 
  • The users can also on 8th cricket Lotto tickets for four persons by signing up and purchasing the first lines and can earn up to 500 SB 

Hence, Swagbucks as a free service online program operator, pays the users for shopping online, donating to charity, taking the survey, playing online games, and searching the web.

Site 2: Retaileroftheyear. EU

The second site is a consumer forum site in which consumer elections are held for selecting retailers and Consumers that are best in their respective countries (Retaileroftheyear.EU, 2021). This is an online election that is held, and the consumers take part in the voting system in which part in a survey to complete a set of the question as in the respective countries for selecting the best retailer (Valacherry and Pakkeerappa, 2018). The consumers take part in the election and vote for the retailers for their respective countries. The winners are crowned with the title of 'best (online) retailer' of that particular year in the particular country and category, and the consumers who have voted for the winning name are awarded a win logo that helps them to stand out in the shopping centres (Salgado et al., 2020). The idea has been generated from gaining consumer opinion and rating the retailers across ten aspects: price level, service, and product quality.

Observation of the process used in each survey

Site1: Swagbucks:

The survey process begins with the signup and login options, and one has to share a username and password to login to the website. This is followed by a series of options to choose from, such as there are options for taking part in a survey and earn 5SB, referral activities, taking part in the Lotto ticket program, referring the site to any friend and earn gift cards (Hu et al. 2019). Considering that I had taken part in the quick survey of 3 minutes to earn 5 SB, I had been given a series of questions where demographic details have to be filled, and at the end of the survey being completed, 5SB had been credited to the account through sale rewards such as gift vouchers could be purchased or PayPal cash payment could be availed (, 2021).

Site 2: Retaileroftheyear.EU

The process of election takes place with the consumers sharing the login details or sign up on the website. The consumers' demographic details are asked by the website that includes the age, gender, mailing details, country, income, and other details. The consumers have to answer a set of questions regarding the listed retailers, according to the country specified by the consumers (, 2021). The results of the survey are declared after the specified time after which the winning online retailer according to specific country is declared on the website and also the consumers are notified on their email address.

Awareness of form and content

Site1: Swagbucks:

The form of this platform had been based upon a system in which the user would have to undertake different activities of their choice for availing gift cards that will be credited to their account (, 2021). The gift card credited to the account would depend upon the choice made by the user. If the user chooses to take part in the quick survey that is the first alternative then the user would have to answer questions related to age, gender, household income, area of work and the key areas of the questions are as follows:

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Pin code 
  • State 
  • Education 
  • Relationship status 
  • Current household 
  • Employment status
  • Work industry
  • Department of primary work
  • Products of influence or decision making
  • Job title
  • Employees in the organization
  • Household income 
  • Purchasing decisions

Site 2: Retaileroftheyear.EU

The content of the website includes different sections such as (appendix 2): 

  • Election: the portal for taking part in the election 
  • Video: As a user guide before taking part in the elections 
  • News: for notifications 
  • Contact: for contact details, information sharing and query 
  • Motivation from customers: offers and wins notification 
  • Learn from customers: for interaction with winning customers (Retaileroftheyear.EU, 2021)

Comparison of the two kinds of survey 

The comparative assessment of the two kinds shows there is significant difference in the purpose of the two surveys such as 

  1. Swagbucks is an online reward program that operates on the loyalty generation and points earning of the consumers (, 2021). On the other hand, Retaileroftheyear.EU functions as a consumer forum for gathering consumer opinion in the retail industry and is more of a public platform for information sharing and customer engagement.
  2. While Swagbucks rewards the consumers for their wins in terms of  free gift cards or free payments on PayPal, Retailer of the year.EU only rewards the consumers winning through awards and logo that the wear as token of their participation and win.
  3. Swagbucks takes greater insight into the personal demographic details of the consumers as part of the survey as compared to the demographic details asked as part of the contest participation in