MBA501 Video Project: Speakers Notes And Summary Homework 3 Answer

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Homework 3 Information

Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation
Assessment Title
Video Project
Assessment Type: Length:
Individual Video Recording and Written Summary
Video - 10 minutes (no more); Summary – 3 pages (no more)
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Your task

Individually, you are required to review an organisation case study posted to MBA 501 announcements in week 09. You need to analyse the case study in the context of disruptive innovation (workshop 09), corporate entrepreneurship (workshop 10), and strategic leadership (workshop 11 and 12). Based on the analysis, you must develop recommendations for this company.

Assessment Description

This assessment focuses on strategies firms could adopt to face the challenges coming from disruptive innovators and how firms can become disruptors. You are required to explore different types of potential disruptors and disruptive ideas that are emerging in the case study company’s industry. You should analyse and recommend strategic entrepreneurship and corporate venturing related initiatives that would encourage innovation at this firm. Finally, you should review the CEO’s approach, behaviour, and actions in the context of strategic leadership related concepts discussed during the course.

Assessment Instructions

Disruptive Innovation

You need to identify trends and potential disruptors/disruptive ideas that can challenge this firm. You must draw on disruptive innovation theory to justify your points. You can also identify incremental innovations that can challenge this company. Please refer workshop 09 content to complete this section.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Identify issues that seem to stifle innovation at this firm. You must recommend strategic entrepreneurship and corporate venturing related initiatives this firm can adopt to enhance corporate innovation and motivation among employees. Important to provide examples from different organisations to support your points. Your recommendations should allow the company to face potential disruptors effectively and become an industry disruptor in its own right. Be sure to engage scholarly views on strategic entrepreneurship and corporate venturing to support your points. Please refer workshop 10 content to complete this section.

Strategic leadership

Review the CEO’s actions and behaviour in the context of strategic leadership actions discussed in workshop 11. Identify the leadership actions that strengthen the strategic direction of the firm. Provide recommendations to the CEO on strategic leadership aspects that he can improve. Essential to incorporate strategic leadership related literature into the discussion. Please note, the focus is “strategic leadership,” not general leadership related concepts. You can draw on corporate leaders as examples.

In preparing for this assessment, you must note the following aspects:

  • The video recording should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • The three-page summary
  • Should indicate the key points presented in the video with relevant citations and references.
  • Should contain a brief introduction, headings focusing on disruptive innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, strategic leadership and a conclusion.

Reference list: the three pages exclude the reference list. You need to cite your sources and provide the reference list on page 4.

  • Video presentation instructions:
    • A PowerPoint presentation is not required.
    • Necessary to see your face clearly – video recordings without a clear view of your face will not be marked.
    • KBS expects MBA students to provide a professional presentation – be sure to consider the background, appearance, lighting, background noise, etc. when developing the video.
    • Try to avoid reading from a text.
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This presentation aims at the strategies that Fitness Life (FL) can adopt to face the issues and challenges that are coming from various disruptive innovators and how FL can establish itself as a disruptor. For this purpose, disruptive innovation theory will be used to justify the arguments more significantly. Thus, this presentation will include segments such as disruptive innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, and strategic leadership in regards to Fitness Life (FL) as the focused organisation (Case Study). 

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While the disruptive innovation segment will include strategies that FL can use in order to establish itself as a disruptor, corporate entrepreneurship will analyse and recommend various strategies that might encourage innovation at FL (Christensen, Raynor and McDonald, 2013). Similarly, the strategic leadership segment will echo the CEO's approach, behaviour, and actions in regards to strategic leadership related concepts. Lastly, this presentation will conclude by providing significant recommendations for Fitness Life (FL) in order to compete in the marketplace with relevant approaches and strategies. 

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Disruptive Innovation

The theory of disruptive innovation is considered as a process that organisations are found to be acknowledged while a product or service initially launches in the market place. This concept was introduced by Lt. Prof. Clayton Christensen in the 1990s (Corsi and Di Minin, 2014). The entire concept of disruptive innovation starts from a low-quality offering and significantly increasing the quality of the product or service while growing up with the product life cycle. From the case study, it has been found that Fitness Life (FL) was founded 30 years ago by Joseph Angelo that aimed towards providing a simple gym to men between 18 to 40 years of age (Case Study). He found to be strongly believed on the concept of 'no guts no glory' even at the age of 60. Two years back, Hanson was appointed as the General Manager and Business Developer for Fitness Life. 

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Post the global pandemic, COVID-19, FL started gaining a drastic response in terms of membership and footfalls. In this regards, Hanson believed that online associations who were found to be providing online gym experience are the biggest disruptors for FL in the marketplace (Case Study). While Hanson found to be encouraging and pushing more on making changes in the organisation to make it go as an online business, Joseph still believed that things are going to get back into places and people will soon come back to the traditional gym. In this regard, taking the side of Hanson, some recommendations would be made in the sections below that will significantly help FL establish itself as a disruptor in the market place. 

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Corporate Entrepreneurship

The core concept of corporate entrepreneurship is considered as a process of finding solutions to the problems analysed, developing significant venture ideas, establishing a relevant team, absorbing the probable risks, and thus, starting the ventures (Christensen, McDonald, Altman and Palmer, 2018). While FL is found to be following a traditional approach to competing in the marketplace, there are many associations found who have already acknowledged the potential of the problems that have shown up after the global pandemic, COVID-19 (Case Study). With that said, it has been found from the case study that the only issue that seems to stifle innovation at FL is the top-down management approach. While Hanson is found to be extremely concerned with the approaches adopted by Fitness Life, this approach of top-down management has reduced the ability to take innovative and proactive decisions. 

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The entire concept of corporate entrepreneurship can be significantly bifurcated among two major sections. These include corporate venturing and strategic entrepreneurship (Weiblen and Chesbrough, 2015). For Fitness Life, strategic entrepreneurship suits best as a model of approach that comprehensively includes components such as strategic renewal, sustained regeneration, domain redefinition, organisational rejuvenation, and business model reconstruction. IBM is the biggest example in context with the approach of strategic entrepreneurship. While the organisation during the early 2000s faced direct competition with leading brands such as Nokia, Blackberry, and Kodak, IBM shifted its path to a completely new direction through various strategic and risky moves (Foxall, 2014). Fitness Life (FL) is also suggested to acknowledge the potential of providing the new or rather advanced mode of providing gym experience to their members. In this regard, potential suggestions will be provided in the recommendations section below. 

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Strategic Leadership 

Strategic leadership is considered as an ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, and empower other employees of the organisation to impose the strategic changes as per the requirements (Covin and Slevin, 2017). In this regard, strategic leaders should have and influence certain behavioural and thoughtful feelings with the employees working in an organisation. Considering the organisational structure, strategic leadership reflects from individuals and group of individuals such as the CEO, MD, Chairman, senior management team or executive team, general managers, and the divisional heads of the organisation (Schoemake, Krupp and Howland, 2013). The role of strategic leadership includes roles and responsibilities such as determining the strategic direction of the organisation, effectively managing the organisation’s resource portfolio, sustaining an effective organisational culture, and establishing balanced organisational controls. 

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The strategic leadership of Joseph Angelo is found to be conventional and dominating in nature. He has imposed and implemented a top-down management approach within the organisational structure of Fitness Life (FL) due to which various other employees and associates of the organisation becomes helpless while trying to implement new strategies for the betterment. One such scenario was observed when Hanson tried to implement strategic approaches to dominate other disruptors in the marketplace; Joseph believed that one-day things are going to get back to normal. Also, when Hanson was found to be thriving hard for establishing modern and advanced changes within the business structure of FL post-COVID-19, Joseph echoed that "Hanson might take over the business in the future, but nothing happens here without old Joe poking his finger into it” (Case Study). This gives a sheer example and replication of the type of leadership that Joseph used to follow. 

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Below are the key recommendations that are provided in order to establish Fitness Life (FL) as one of the disruptors in the market place. 

  • Concerning the disruptive innovation at Fitness Life (FL), the organisation must acknowledge the potential of online training and gym experience as well for its members. For this purpose, FL needs to hire potential cinematographer for recording the training videos as the first place and later develop an application through which the members are going to engage with the organisation (Milan and Milan, 2020). The investment in this regard is minimal and might charge as a one-time investment for FL. To establish the organisation as a disruptor in the marketplace, FL should even encourage the potential of providing a free training session for the first week for the new joining members. 
  • Secondly, Fitness Life (FL) is also suggested to provide the new and advanced mode of gym experience to their members. These might include one-to-one sessions with the trainers and mentors, one-to-one session with the dieticians, and even building a personal diet chart for each member (Hamilton, 2020). Further, a part of strategic entrepreneurship can also include recording personal experience of the members and their experience with FL and launch them on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Through this way, a motivational foundation could also be established that will push other people to join FL as well from any demographic location of this world. 

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To conclude, the aim of this presentation was to focus on the challenges that have been occurred due to various disruptors available in the marketplace against Fitness Life (FL). For this purpose, this report included segments such as disruptive innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, and strategic leadership in regards to Fitness Life (FL) as the focused organisation. With that said, this presentation has also echoed two vital recommendations that might help FL in establishing itself as a disruptor in the marketplace. These included the potential to acknowledge the mode of online training and gym experience and providing the new and advanced mode of fitness training. 


  • The given case study was about a fitness organisation named Fitness Life (FL) that was owned by Joseph Angelo and started around 30 years back. Joseph's son, Hanson was recently appointed as the general manager and business developer for the organisation who also found to be having a different perspective of business intimations than his father. After COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Fitness Life started gaining a negative response from the marketplace, and their membership started declining (Case Study). On the one hand, Hanson suggested that they should implement some strategies to sustain in the marketplace, on the other hand, Joseph found to believe that sooner or the other, everything is going to get back to normal. 
  • In this regard, while the business aspect of Fitness Life was experiencing direct competition from various disruptors in the marketplace, Joseph was found to be having a dominating type of leadership in his association. The presentation aimed to evaluate and discuss the relevancy of various challenges that occurred to these disruptors and also to provide suggestions so that Fitness Life could possibly become one of the disruptors (Christensen, Raynor and McDonald, 2013). For this purpose, the bifurcation was done in three major parts, along with relevant and significant recommendations for the organisation. These parts included disruptive innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, and strategic leadership. 
  • The theory of disruptive innovation provides and echoes a process that helps organisations and businesses whenever they try to launch a new product in the market place. This theory was primarily introduced by a late professor, Clayton Christensen, in the early 1990s (Corsi and Di Minin, 2014). The theory of disruptive innovation suggests businesses launch with the low-quality product and gradually increase the quality of the product with time. This theory was aligned with the case study in order to suggest some ways and strategies through which Fitness Life can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and the only way found was re-invention.  
  • Hanson, son of Joseph, found to be convincing his father about the importance of reinventing their business in order to become one of the leading disruptors in the marketplace. At the same time, Joseph echoed that Hanson still requires learning more about the traditional version of their business model (Case Study). No doubt, Fitness Life had many facilities that helped them anticipating with their members but the time after COVID-19 impact has changed and now; businesses must need to transform themselves into the online segment. In this regard, the corporate entrepreneurship was introduced under which the conventional approach was given more importance with respect to Fitness Life’s business style. 
  • From the case study, it has been found that the only issue that was significantly stopping Hanson from implementing the strategies he wants to explore is the fact that Fitness Life follows top-down management approach and thus, Joseph is the only person who can make final decisions on behalf of the entire organisation. With that said, it has been evaluated that for Fitness Life, strategic entrepreneurship suits best as a model of approach to businesses. To emphasise more on the core concept of strategic entrepreneurship, IBM was echoed as an example (Christensen, McDonald, Altman and Palmer, 2018). When IBM faced similar issues with disruptors such as Nokia, Blackberry, and Kodak, the organisation decided to reinvent its business model and thus implemented strategic entrepreneurship within their organisational culture. 
  • In the next segment, concepts of strategic leadership were discussed under which the importance of the CEO of FL was evaluated. Strategic leadership is considered as an ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, and empower other employees of the organisation to impose the strategic changes as per the requirements (Covin and Slevin, 2017). In this regard, Joseph Angelo was found to be conventional and dominating in nature which is perhaps bad and non-influential for the organisation. Thus, it was widely suggested that now, especially in this millennial era, Joseph must consider the suggestions and recommendations from his son Hanson as he has graduated from a reputed university and knows enough how to handle the disrupting issues in businesses. 
  • Lastly, two core recommendations were provided that might help Fitness Life (FL) overcome the challenges coming from disruptors and fight back as one of the leading disruptors in the marketplace (Milan and Milan, 2020). These included acknowledging the potential of online training and gym experience for the members of the fitness club and also, providing the new and advanced mode of gym experience (Hamilton, 2020). Also, in order to build a motivational foundation for the members of the organisation, FL was also recommended to acknowledge the potential of social media.