MGT601 Masters Honours Research

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MGT601 Masters Honours Research Laureate International Universities USA


1. Explore and reflect on self- development as a leader to build self-awareness 

2. Demonstrate the technique of reflective and reflexive practice as a means of continuous learning and self-development. 

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Critical Examination Of The Leadership Skills 

With the changes in time, leadership skills and theories have gained momenturm thorugout the time. I have found that leadership is skills are accompanied with the various aspects such as divergent thinking, coherent behaviour, leading actions and proper strategic program. On the basis of the received marks to me by the lecturer, I was shocked to see that I could be good leader. The highest marks I have got is related to my adaptibiltiy. With this mark I had normal feeling. My behaviour mould with the personal and circumstance where I am. I am good management worker as well. I have been given more than 60% marks for my management skills (Aga, Noorderhaven, & Vallejo, 2016). This given table attached in the appendix reflects that I am good learner and having consistency in my own leadership skills. I am good in managing complex things and getting work done from the others. However, the main issue which I have in my psychometric tests which shows that I am not good in communicating my thoughts I make mistakes in understanding the person's motives and what they want. In order to build the self-awarness in the undertaken work, I have to understand the associated factors which might positively and negatively impact my undertaken leadership actions. My currnet strength is in understanding the perception, values, belife and other aspects of the employees and followers who are following me. In ordre to enahcne my current and future effectiveness I will have to develop my divergent and coherent thinking to mitigate identified leadership issues. 

Reflexive Practice As A Means Of Continuous Learning And Self-Development 

There are several issues and complexity in my leadership skills. I have found that if I want to learn more and mitigate these leadership issues then I firstly has to focus on consistent learning program. I also have to focus on my own acts and mistakes which I have been making thoroughout the time. Nonetheless, my main mistake in leadership work is related to understanding the persons motive and their demands (Anantatmula, 2010). I will solve this issue by connecting my self with them on consistent basis either through meeting or virtual world. it wil give the brief idea about their wants and needs. In addition to this, I will also have to use my daily routine tactics to push myself to strengthen the effectiveness of the work done by my followers. This will allow me to set up an alignment between my work and employees work. If I could influence them to work posillvey and align their interest with the particualr task then it will also mitigage the process issues (Shen, Chanda, D'netto, and Monga, 2009). The self-devleopment could also be one of the major aspects to strengthen my own learign program. I need to analyse my issues and past acts and on the basis of same I could determine where I need to make changes and where I need to make improvement. I could also use the leadership theories and practice to strengthen my own works and leadership work aspects (Turner, and Muller, 2015).