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MGT604 Managing In Global Context Laureate International Universities USA

Strategic Management Of Pro-Go Pty Ltd For Ruggedness And Realibility


1) Critically evaluate different strategy formulation processes utilized by organisations and evaluate their relevance to particular organisational contexts 

2) Develop and plan the implementation of a selected strategy for different organisational levels including for change management processes 

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Introduction Founded in 2004, Pro-Go has maintained continuity in the sales growth. This is through the provision of innovative quality batteries, which are flexible in its durability. The video files in the cameras possess efficient colour quality and are flexible in low lighting conditions. Ruggedness and reliability are the factors, which stabilizes the market position. Lack of access to the modem technologies aggravates the complexities for the manufacturers and suppliers. This is because of the sole ownership of the patent rights by the company (Noe et al., 2017). Facility of capturing videos in the android phones is a major concern of the personnel in terms of the customer turnover. Therefore, in order to formulate the strategy, the CEO has requested the executive team to attend a meeting. 


The aim of this report is to assess the Strategic Management practices adopted by Pro-Go Pty Ltd for increasing the sales growth by 10% in the next 5 years. 


Main Themes Identified 

Target Segmentation Of The Photographers 

• Proficiency in photography 

• Can present innovative ideas for designing the cameras 

• Compatible towards working in pressure and challenging situations 

Changing The Focus Into The Professional World 

• Joint venture and strategic alliances with the contemporary brands regarding the Supply chain management 

• Partnership with the mobile brands for upgrading the standards and quality of the camera features 

Upgradation Of The Resources 

  • Establishing contacts with the members of research and development team for improving the quality of 
  • lens 
  • physical copies of the videos 
  • additional features in the process of video making 

Role Play 

CEO- Warm welcome to all of you. 

Members of the executive team (collaboratively) - Thank you, Sir. 

CEO- Today we have assembled here to discuss about the minutes of the meeting with the General Manager of the key supplies. Therefore, I request you all to participate, so that we can develop a strategy for sales growth. 

(All of the team members nod their head in affirmation to the speech of the CEO) 

CEO- Firstly, I would like to draw your attention towards the point of target segmentation. Here, the main focus is on the photographers, who are proficient in the field and possessing flexibility in presenting innovative ideas for improving the design of the cameras. Along with this, one of the other criteria was compatibility in working with others in the ambience of challenges and pressures. 

Team member 1- Yes, sir. I think compatibility is one of the crucial elements for exposing productive performance, indicative of increasing the efficiency in the operations. 

CEO- Rightly pointed. So, moving on to the next point, we has a discussion about the additional features in video making. In 102048 Contemporary Childhoods this, one of the relevant points was the demand for android phones, which offers the latest and modern features. 

Team member 2- This is one of the areas, where we are experiencing a down market scenario in the form of customer turnovers. 

CEO- As far as this issue is concerned, we are planning to indulge in strategic alliances and partnership with the mobile brands. 

Team member 3- Well, this step would be efficient in terms of the improving the standards and quality of the features within the cameras. 
CEO- Yes, you are right. Can you suggest some recommendations to these strategies? 

Team member 4- Well, I think supplying quality materials to the suppliers would influence their purchasing decisions and power. 

CEO- Can you elaborate on this point? 

Team member 4- If we develop stable communication with the research and development team members, we would be able to bring innovation within the lens, copies of the videos and additional spare parts. If we supply quality materials to the suppliers, in turn, we would get cameras, which would be fully loaded with the features available in the android phones. In this way, we might be able to achieve competitive advantage over the brands like Samsung, Apple, Sony and others. 

CEO- You have correctly pointed out one of an efficient and effective strategies. If we emerge successful in this strategy, we would be able to retain the prospective customers. Any other suggestions from your side? 

Team member 5- I think targeting the customers according to business requirements would be effective in terms of developing good practices. 

CEO- Kindly cite some examples. 

Team member 5- Well, surveys and feedback would be crucial in terms of gaining an insight into the needs, demands and requirements of the clients and the customers. Adopting Social Media Marketing would improve the stability in the relationship with the customers. Introducing lucrative schemes, offers and discounts would assist in increasing the trafficking of the audience towards the brand image. 

CEO- Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. We will let you know the future course of actions after a meeting with the managers. 


Customer turnover towards the android phones with the latest video features necessitated the CEO of Pro-Go Pty Ltd to arrange a meeting with the executive team members on how to increase the sales revenue. The main points of the team members relates to supply quality raw materials to the suppliers, adopting social media marketing, survey and feedback and indulging in communication with the members of the research and development team.