MIS500 Foundations Of Information Systems

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MIS500 Foundations Of Information Systems Laureate International Universities USA

Learning Outcomes: 

This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes

a) Critically analyse enterprise information systems and requirements in the context of the contemporary business environment 


Access the Latureae Briefing Document. Latureae is the case study briefing for this assignment. Consider and identify the primary and secondary activities in the Latureae busness model. Identify any sub-activities for each primary and second activity. For each of them, determine which specific sub-activities create value. Then identify links between the value-creating activities and subactivities. Using Porter's value chain model, present your identified major activities and sub-activities in the Latureae business model. Make recommendations to the Latureae management on how they can enhance or maximise the value offered to 'customers.' There is no required format for the assessment. Students should use initiative and be sure to conform to the APA referencing style, making use of external sources as appropriate. Be sure to bookend your assignment with an introduction and conclusion as well as a list of references that make considerable use of the Torrens University library and databases. 

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The aim of the report is to discuss about the organization Latureae and will recognize the primary band secondary activities taking place within the organization. Latureae is an organization that deals with health and wellness of their customer. The aim is to bring wellness within their customer. This was established in 2000. This organization aims at providing wellness needs towards the people Australia. The product developed are natural based on the minerals, herbs, nutrients and vitamins. The organization aims at becoming the leading organization in the market with launching new innovations (De Backer, & Miroudot, 2014). The organization serves around 100,000 customers every week and aims at valuing every single member associated with the organization. The targeted customer of this organization are the supermarkets, specialist health food centres and the health care professionals. The main aim is to understand and critically analyse the enterprise information system and the requirements from the perspective of the organization. 


welfare and the health of the communities. The strategic objective aims at providing a better competitive edge by increasing the market share. For the upcoming 12 months the operational objective is set and aims at generating a 15% growth towards the Marketing Approach The organization also aims at reducing the turnover by 25% with introducing a new employee assistance program (Porter, & Heppelmann, 2014). This are secondary activities that are decided by the organization. This also includes increasing the online sale volume by 15% within the upcoming 12 months. This can be achieved by developing new strategies that will involve social media campaigns. The charges involved with the packaging use will also be reduced by 20%within the next 12 months. The organization main targeted customers are the patients and clients associated with the supermarkets, health care professionals and specialist health food stores and aims at providing wellness towards their customer. The organization also have an ecommerce stream in order to deal with the products that will not require much professional support. Moreover 100,000 customers every week and value them single (Rothaermel, 2015). This is necessary to understand the customers requirement and reward them according to their loyalty. The suppliers aims at collecting the most sustainable, raw ingredients with the integrity so that they can maintain the production standards of the organization. There are around 2,000 supplier's different organic status and supplying accreditation. 

Porter's Value Chain 

This chain involves five primary activities this are inbound logistics, operations, sales, outbound logistics, marketing and sales. This value chain will be used to represent all the primary and secondary activities with equal weight. This is used to determine the real needs of the organization. The value chains used to determine the company's profit margin (Grant, 2016). The more value is generated by the organization Latureae, the more profit is likely to be gained by the organization. With the increase in customer value the competitive advantage will be improved. The elements of porter value chain focus on the system rather than focusing on the accounting cost type or the departments. In addition to this, the porter value chain is also used to determine the way input is changed to the output. This chain activities are divided into two parts primary and support activities. The primary activities include physical creation, maintenance, sale and support for the product and the service provided by the organization (Porter & Heppelmann, 2015). The activities included within the primary activities are: 

Inbound logistics: the activities of the inbound logistic involves the process related to sharing, storing and receiving the inputs that gets generated internally. The relationship with the suppliers are the key factors and possesses a great value. 

Operations: this involves the process in which the inputs are changes into the outputs. The operational systems hold the value here. 

Outbound logistics: the outbound logistic activity involves the way product is being delivered to their customers. These involves the detailed information regarding with the distribution systems, storage and collection related to the organization. 

Marketing and sales: the process involved in this activity is to persuade products from the organization rather than buying products from the competitors (Mohajeri et al., 2014). 

Service: the activities related with service is maintaining the value for the product and services that are provided towards the customer. 

Support activity involved in Latureae 

These involves the activities that supports the primary functions. In addition to providing support towards the procurement operations, it also supports the organization in maintain the marketing and sales (Font, Guix, & Bonilla-Priego, 2016). This are as follows: 

Procurement: these activities is done when the members of the organization needs to operate with the resources. This activity includes all the prices related to negotiation and vendors. 

Human Resource Management these deals and looks after the needs of the employees within the organization (Simatupang, Piboonrungroj, & Williams, 2017). The way employees get hired, trained and treated within the organization. Technological development this includes processing and managing the information with protecting all the knowledge related to the company. Latureae aims at minimizing the cost incorporated in managing the technology. 

Infrastructure: these includes the organization support systems and functioning with daily operations. Using the porters value chain within the Latureae, this involves: 1.Identifying the subtractive associated with every primary activity These involves the specific sub-activity that creating values. There are total three types of subtractive, these are as follows: 

Direct activities: these is used to create the values within the organization by themselves. Indirect activities: this includes the activities that will help the direct activities to run smoothly. Quality assurance: the activities involves meeting the quality and assure the products will provide a better result towards their customer (Stienmetz & Fesenmaier, 2015). 

Identifying the sub-activities involved with every support activity: These involves managing the human resources management, the technology development and the procurement support activities. 

Identifying the links: this becomes very much necessary to understand the connection between all the value activities.  Looks for the opportunities so that they can increase the value. 


The organization Latureae aims at meeting the need of the community in terms of giving a better medical health. Thus, it is very much necessary to understand the need of the customer and launch the product according to their needs. A new range of professional product will help the organization to increase their growth and upbringing the organizations profit. This is very much necessary to implement better ways and new innovations that will help in improving the working and services provided towards the customer. Implementation of new business model for managing the health-related information of the customers will help the organization. Managing the information related to the customer is a very essential factor. The organization can shift their information to cloud system as these will provide easy backup and sorting data (Sevin, Manzini, & Mazza, 2015). With adopting the technology such as wearable will improve the working and will provide better services towards the organization. The organization aims at developing a plan that will aim at providing better wellness towards the customer. The organization involves accessible range of products and this provides supplements for health and will be beneficial for the whole family. These implementations will help in developing the products stored within the organization. These is very much necessary to understand the requirements of the customer and needs to develop strategies accordingly. 

With increasing the promotional activities, the organization will be able to promote its product and will be able to gain much more profit in the market. 


 From the above report it can be concluded that Latureae organization is an organization that aims at providing better health and wellness towards the people of the Australia. This provides products that are natural and related to herbs and vitamins. The report has discussed about the working of the organization. The way organization took over the market and the importance of these organization. This becomes very much necessary for the organisation to understand the demand of the customer. This will help in providing a better service towards their customers. The report has discussed the way porter value chain can be implemented within the organization to improve the working. This is very much necessary to understand the activities involved with the porter value chain. The report has also provided recommendation that will help the organization in improving the growth rate and gaining more competitive advantages within the organization. These organization has developed a better way of improving the human health.