NRS433 Introduction To Nursing Research

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NRS433 Introduction To Nursing Research Grand Canyon University USA

Consider the different communities to which you belong: Los Angeles, CA
1. What is the geopolitical community in you live? Why is it geopolitical?
2. What is a phenomenological community to which you belong? Why is it a phenomenological community?
3. What would some challenges and benefits be for community health nurses in providing care for different communities? For similar communities? For the same community? What are some possible solutions to the challenges?
4. What, if any, global health issues are present in your community? Are there any ethnic subcommunities within your community? What considerations need to be addressed?

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Geopolitical Community

Geopolitical refers to the study of geographic factors as well as their impacts on the power associations in global politics. More specifically, geopolitics is defined as the applied study of the associations of geographical factors to politics. Geopolitical power is considered as the power which particular communities or societies have over other communities based on the geographical advantages and influences (Aleksandrova, 2017). Over the years geographical power normally shifts or moves from one country to another, for instance, the power from the united states of America and Britain during the World War II.

A geopolitical community in its basic term is known as the communities which are defined by their geographical borders on a particular map (Ross, 2018). Either human-made or natural boundaries establish the geopolitical communities. Legal, political or structural limits establish Human-made boundaries while natural boundaries can be valleys, rivers or mountains. I live in the city South Los Angeles, a community which is closely bordered to Harvard park, Florence Normandie, Mount Carmel park and East Slauson.  City South Los Angeles is viewed as a geopolitical due to its boundaries which are defined by the school districts and congressional districts.

Phenomenological Community

A phenomenological community is described as a group of individuals who have like-minded or shared values, goals, beliefs, and relationships. The community may not share a geographical boundary as observed in the geopolitical community. For instance, phenomenological communities may be a social or religious group. I do not belong to numerous phenomenological communities since I have a firm relation to them sharing common values, beliefs, goals, interests. The phenomenological community that I strongly belong and appreciate is my religious group. The religious group that I subscribe to has values and beliefs which are in tandem to my values and beliefs.

Benefits And Challenges For The Community Healthcare Provider In Providing Healthcare

Some of the significant challenges that can be faced by the healthcare provider in providing care for various communities would be stemmed from cultural diversity. Thus, nurses must be culturally aware and sensitive of the various so that the community can respond effectively. If a nurse is culturally sensitive, he or she will help the community in driving them to the required optimal health. In similar communities, they will have or record different needs. It is important for the nurses not to assume that a need for one similar community is the same as the other community. A nurse must take wide range evaluation of the similar communities in highlighting the communities’ appropriate needs. Doing a thorough assessment and evaluation builds trust between the nurse and the communities. For instance, a challenge in the community can be illiteracy which cannot be found in another community.

Global Health Issue Present In The Community

The global health concern affecting  city of South Los Angeles community is cancer which is majorly caused by lifestyle behaviors. The disease does not target a specific ethnic group in the community but affects everybody. Health considerations and interventions should be tailored to suit every individual in the town.