NRS440VN Trends And Issues In Today Health Care

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NRS440VN-NRS440VN Trends And Issues In Today Health care Grand Canyon University USA

Nurse Manager Inventory Skills

Rate yourself using the results from the "Nurse Manager Skills Inventory":
Write a reflection in which you identify your strengths and weaknesses related to the four content areas below:
Personal and professional accountability
Career planning
Personal journey disciplines
Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets
Discuss how you will use your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace.
Identify one personal goal for your leadership growth and discuss your implementation plan to achieve that goal.

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Nurse leadership has a significant influence on the healthcare environment. The leaders of the nursing profession have a responsibility to care and give services to the patient and their kin to enjoy the facility. A nurse leader serves as a source of motivation and plays role model to make an effort to manage the responsibilities and take the tasks assigned to them and also the healthcare facilities can receive a source of positive change. There should be a leadership quality in every nurse to lead people. The report analyses my strengths and weaknesses with a particular interest based on personal and professional accountability, personal journey, career planning, workplace changes, disciplines reflective practice, and strategic thinking.

Taking into consideration of a nurse profession, my professional and personal liability will be necessary for patients so that they can receive quality care and services from me. Personal commitment refers to the ability to respond to their action. Personally, as a nurse leader, I make an effort to commit my duties and try every possible way to achieve a positive result. Next is the Professional accountability which refers to the moral and ethical commitment necessary for the nursing profession. In this case, personally, I prefer to have high morals and values to integrate while rendering the services of healthcare to the patients. I usually have a weakness to rush and make things done as quickly as possible. To work better in a collaborative team, I am trying to make an effort with the teamwork.

Personally, I have qualified as a registered nurse, and I plan to study further and specialise to become a pediatric care. If I tell about my weakness, it will be the time management skill. For me, it is difficult to manage time for my research due to a tight schedule.

I have accepted the shared leadership as a nurse leader. Therefore, in a team, I encourage my team members to play the lead roles and take an expert field. My disadvantage is I lack patience. The reason for it is I expect my colleague can take the leadership role so that the expectation of the team is higher depending on their performance.

Reflective practice is the knowledge for active practice to achieve the leadership behaviour. I also have a tenet in encouraging my colleague to unite and support their lives. I have reached most of the potential within self and in a colleague. Woefully, there was a complaint from some of my closest colleagues that I push them to the limit of a perfectionist. To minimise my push for perfection I work, with the employee's zeal and potential to outperform themselves.

I integrated my leadership strength to create a professional work environment and ensure that the patient receives quality care. In my career of nursing professional, I realised it as quite demanding. In that case, I could not give time to my studies. As a leader, I encourage the nurses to take it as a learning process rather than demonstrating the dominance of it.

Strategic thinking involves a unique ability to achieve the situations face value. Personally, in the nursing profession, I thought of my diplomatic thinking skills to improve in enhancing my overall performance of implementing the plan. I also plan to resolve the problem of my work with appropriate time management skill. I started to design and analyse the situation to make sure that I can enervate the choice of the solutions. To allow an individual to believe that the consequence of each activity is also taking time to resolve a problem hence regulates the work with the most significant benefits. I will then be able to achieve success in my diplomatic planning efforts through strategic thinking. The healthcare sector enhances the quality of services to render the patient's room for improvements about service provision.

From the above report, I can conclude that I can improve the leadership qualities of my inner self as a nurse leader. For me, it is essential to achieve professional and personal accountability. My potential as a nurse has demonstrated through my performance and practice. My second facet is my career plan as a leader of the nurse in which I have understood my position and the direction to plan my future in the nursing profession. As a nurse leader, I have played a role model to other nurses with my strong leadership skills. Through strategic thinking, a nurse leader could achieve the situations face value and make a unique plan for the healthcare facility.