PH300 Introduction To Health Policy

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PH300 Introduction To Health Policy John Hopkins University USA

Compose a debate on disclosing the inter-policy of an organization on health care services. 

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Policies designed in any healthcare organization majorly aim to improve the healthcare facilities for customers and reduce the burden and challenges of the healthcare workers. The internal policy issued in the non-profit hospital requires increased sensitivity, training, and competence for all staff to improve care delivery for LGBTQIAP+ patients.

Disclosing Will Bring Awareness.

The LGBTQIAP+ community faces many issues in accessing quality healthcare services at primary and chronic levels. People in the LGBTQIAP+ community around the world suffer from prejudice in almost every aspect of their lives. They cannot find a job, be educated, or receive treatment. They are attacked solely because of suspected gender expression or sexual orientation. Perhaps at worst, unlike most other minorities, many are experiencing violence and rejection from their families and religious communities. Despite the fact that these challenges are extremely difficult, LGBT people have taken on their destiny and have achieved tremendous success.

People need to get awareness about the issues faced by a particular community at the mass level. To bring awareness, policy disclosing is essential because it will represent an example to the population (Medina et al., 2022). This will help the hospital administration to communicate about the issues openly and discuss the challenges as well. Health inequalities among LGBTQIAP+ people are associated with social stigma, discrimination, and civil and human rights denial. Mental illness, substance abuse, and suicide are all associated with discrimination against LGBTQIAP+ people. LGBTQIAP+ people are often exposed to violence and damage, which has long-term implications for both individuals and communities. The mental health and personal safety of LGBTQIAP+ people are influenced by their personal, family, and social acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity (Hafeez et al., 2017).

Disclosing the policy will bring motivation to healthcare professionals, caregivers, and other members to support equality in healthcare services. Along with giving motivation to healthcare professionals disclosing will motivate LGBTQIAP+ people as well by reducing the following challenges;

  • This will reduce legal discrimination in accessing health insurance and care facilities
  • This will reduce the inequality of the LGBTQIAP+ population
  • This will increase efforts from the community to access primary healthcare services as their right
  • This will help in raising social programs for the community awareness

Health professionals not only have a comprehensive understanding of health problems that affect a particular community but also have a wide range of skills and tools to help them find solutions. They can work directly with communities affected by the health crisis and health inequality and report their consequences and concerns to legislators and government officials. The policy disclosing will help to raise awareness of specific illnesses and health problems that affect specific groups and to develop programs at the social level that reduce the risk of harm. This may include setting up courses and seminars on safer sex or disseminating information on proper hygiene procedures to protect people from the flu and viruses, and disclosure will help them to attend these programs for their benefit (Ecker et al., 2018).

Although disclosing the inter-policy of an organization is a matter of low confidentiality, the population here is dealing with issues of discrimination and inequality; hence disclosing will bring some opportunities for developing healthcare services.