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Work to analyze and make recommendations for a product or service in need of a brand refresh, new customers, new products or a combination of these.

Focus on the “customer journey”. Instead of the “customer decision process” we now refer to a customer’s journey to ultimately accepting or purchasing your brand. but the concept of a journey can tell you a lot already: it is simply the steps a consumer takes from beginning to ultimately making a consumption decision.

Brand: Pizza Hut

The steps a consumer takes from beginning to ultimately making a consumption decision:

  • Identify the key target customer for your brand and map out the typical customer journey: what prompts the consumer to begin a journey?
  • What information does the consumer seek?
  • What alternatives are considered?
  • How does the journey conclude?
  • And, what happens after?
  • What obstacles might they overcome?
  • What are the key stages or points?

Mapping the customer journey will give you a better sense of the role of marketing as a consumer’s guide through the process. It identifies key stages, priorities and obstacles.

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Answer :


This report aims to analyse and recommend ways for Pizza Hut to seek new customers and new products in the marketplace. For this purpose, this report will primarily aim towards the customer journey. Precisely, the customer journey is experiencing several feelings and emotions when interacting with products and services (Grewal and Roggeveen, 2020). These include the cumulative approach of experiences provided by the organisation when customers acknowledged their products or services. This report will include segments such as an overview of Pizza Hut, their targeted customers, the customer journey, information that customers seek, alternatives available, and how this journey concludes. It will also include the after-effects of the customer journey and the obstacles that the customers have to overcome, and the key stages and points. 

Overview of Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut is a chain of restaurants that was founded in 1958 by Dan Carney and Frank Carney. The organisation is headquartered in Texas, with around 18,703 outlets worldwide (Mishra and Dham, 2019). With the increasing craze of pizza amongst the consumers, Pizza Hut has become one of the largest pizza restaurants serving restaurants globally. 

Target Customer 

Pizza Hut’s niche is found to be including people aged between 13 and 25 as the craze of enjoying Italian cuisine is present amongst them. The organisation is found to be establishing its franchises in areas that are nearby to schools, universities, and offices (Magomadov, 2019). This enables them to attract targeted consumers more potentially. 

Customer Journey

A typical customer journey of Pizza Hut includes the effective relationship between both the company and the individuals. Over the last couple of decades, Pizza Hut has been found focusing more on establishing and achieving loyalty from their consumers in all the segments of pre and post-purchase stages (Roggeveen and Sethuraman, 2020). While the organisation is implementing various strategies such as fast delivery services to gain customer loyalty in the pre-purchasing stage, the customers are acknowledging back with potential feedback in the post-purchasing stage (Varindra, 2018). The goal in this regard is to offer different offers and pizza sizes to the consumers to reunite with happiness. The customer journey of Pizza Hut is also found to be accessing attitude that is based on enjoying the convenience, speedy, affordable price, and speedy services. In this regard, the customer journey is found to be including high loyalty status and a medium usage rate. 

Information Customer seeks

The customers are seeking various information before they finalise their decisions, both internally and externally. These include the prices and sizes of pizzas that the organisation is serving (Lemon, 2018). They are also seeking information based on the offers and discounts that Pizza Hut is promoting. In this regard, technology is resolving all the information that the customer usually seeks. 

Alternatives available for the customers 

Although Pizza Hut has been working hard for the last couple of decades to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, the competence remains constant between the alternatives available. These include Domino's Pizza, Smokin Joes Pizza, and Papa Johns Pizza (Varnali, 2019). The shifting of customers between the alternatives available depends upon the offers and benefits that the organisations are serving to their consumers. 

How does the journey conclude, and what happens after? 

The customer journey concludes with feedback processes where the consumers seek additional offers on the Pizzas. A good customer life-cycle potentially helps the organisations process the probabilities of repurchasing, which is what is happening after the customer journey ends (Demmers et al., 2020). For this purpose, Pizza Hut always tries to re-invent its marketing strategies to establish and process a continuous cycle of the customer journey. 

Obstacles customers have to overcome 

The obstacles in this regard remain limited to the competition available in the marketplace. While Pizza Hut acknowledges various marketing tactics to hold their customers for longer durations, organisations like Domino's and Papa Johns are also releasing their offers and services to maintain the competency levels (Mina et al., 2020). Thus, Pizza Hut customers' major obstacles might have to overcome found to be associated with loyalty. 

Key points and recommendation 

For maintaining a healthy relationship in regards to the customer journey, Pizza Hut must track their customer behaviours and interactions. This will provide a better insight into customer loyalty and product journey (Nelson et al., 2020). For this purpose, CRM systems can potentially help. 


To conclude, this report aimed to analyse and recommend ways for Pizza Hut to seek new customers and new products in the marketplace. For this purpose, this report has primarily aimed towards the customer journey and how it can be enhanced.