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PROJ6009 Business Process Management Laureate international Universities USA


How Do Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Affect Firm Risk? 

In A Handbook of Business Transformation Management Methodology. 

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(BPM) and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are very closely related management information technology that helps to improve the performance of the business operation by assessing their existing condition and finding solution is a automatic envirInonment.

ERP Options Integrated In The BPM For Samsung Company 

The Business process Management of the Samsung company is highly integrated with its ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning technology that allows the business authority to examine the existing manufacturing system

Processes, Tools, And Criteria To Evaluate ERP Options 

Many tools are used to evaluate ERP options within the BPMS system of the Samsung company. The major evolution criteria of ERP tools are Consumer relationship, account management, bank reconciliation, benefit administration, CRP or Capacity Requirements Planning, MRP or Material Requirement Planning, BOM or Bill of Materials, Logistics management, Business Intelligence or BI, Email Tools, Business to Consumers Commerce, Advance Allocations, 

ERP System Support The Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, And Performance Monitoring 

The Samsung Company can use ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning technology in their logistics, quality management, monitoring and procurement operation by utilising the automating controlling and the resource allocation in order to increase their operational and functional productivity. Samsung Company can use ERP for their supply chain management in order to calculate the most price and time efficient chain planning for inbound and outbound logistics (Tian 8 Xu, 2015). Samsung Company uses ERP integrated with their KPI and scorecard system for their recognition and rewording procedure. Samsung company is also using the ERP system integrating with the BPM for the procurement process that comprises analysis of existing condition, finding the scope of improvement, determining the required resources and planning of the most effective resource collection process. 

loT Facilitate BPM Or Affect ERP Application In Samsung Company 

Samsung uses Internet Of Things (loT) from 2 

Opportunities For Improvement In Evaluating Commercial Packages Or Other Options 

The commercial operation of Samsung Company is manly distributed in electronics and electrical products and services. Therefore, the improvement of the commercial packages would involve with the price base marketing and product selection procedure for the products and service. ERP system can help the market selection, targeting and pricing strategy of the commercial packaging system of the Samsung Company. ERP is very beneficial for the implementing BPM where the accounts, finance and billing system for the commercial transactions are implemented (Bullen, Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC, 2018). Along with the commercial packaging the ERP system of BPM can be also widely utilisable for partnership selection, communication system and even in legal compliances. 

 Accountability of ERP in the BPM

Figure: Accountability of ERP in the BPM 

Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Integrating ERP With BPM 100 

In order to conduct the cost benefit analysis of utilising ERP with the BPM in the Samsung Company the financial report of the 2016 and estimation of 2020 of this company has to be analysed. 

From the above cost benefit analysis it has been clear that the after incorporating the ERP system in the BPM of the Samsung Company the benefit can be increased 4% more than the increase of the Cost. 

Implementation Plan For Samsung Company 

In Implementation plan, the Samsung Company should focus on the change management process where the workforce and the management operation can work in a synchronised operation. Samsung has to analyse the driving force and estimated resistance force for these changes (Dar et al., 2015). Then, the management of the organisation can execute defreeze, change and en-freeze plan with appropriate leadership and managerial operation. The implementation plan should be utilised In both In house and outsource operation. However, the primary focus of this plan should be more on In house development. 

Accountability Of Life Cycle 

Throughout the incorporation of ERP in the BPM of the Samsung company the company should also focus on their life cycle plan of manufacturing procedure. This would help to alter the logistics and the supply change management according to the implementation plan In both national and Global Business operation. 


The report focuses on the Implementation of ERP system in BPM for a chosen company named Samsung Company that can allow the business operation to be more simplistic as well as cost and time efficient. From the above report, it has been found that incorporating loT system, accountability of life cycle process, tools and criteria are the major components of the BPM system under the process of incorporating ERP.